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  1. My 1929 Dodge 1/2 ton has it's serial # on the right side, pull the front wheel and look straight across at the frame for large (1 inch) numbers
  2. Try to find one on a hot rod site, I've found lots of parts that way
  3. I will take some photos and measurements tomorrow in good light, my tailgate is intact and original
  4. I've got photos of a '29 merchant express, pm me at rsorenson43@hotmail.com
  5. I have one I would give you to keep a pickup on the road ( I have the "29 Merchants Express) pm me rsorenson43@hotmail.com
  6. Thanks guys, will study on this a little, sure hate to open that tank!
  7. My ,29 DA quit running while I was driving, sounded and felt like out of gas. Sure enough (tank is full) no gas and when I blew back through the line I can hear the air coming out of the filler neck, but no bubbling noises. Took the gas line loose at the tank, no gas came out.. Is there a tube that runs to the bottom on the inside that could of fallen or rusted off ? I can see no way to get inside the tank at the outlet without un-soldering the plate ( it is also riveted) Any tips would be appreciated.
  8. wyobob

    floor mat

    Anyone know of a source for a floormat for a '29 U ?
  9. I need a radiator shell for a 1929 Plymouth, will consider any condition. rsorenson43@hotmail.com
  10. wyobob

    1929 Plymouth

    Does anyone have or know of a radiator shell for a '29 plymouth ?
  11. here is a linkto the "progress" https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/111912127494199068848/albums/6060236761980049761
  12. I rebuilt the master cylinder on my'29 which has the seperate supply tank and I can't get it to bleed or pump any fluid at all. I am not familar with this type of master cylinder. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. Thanks, I will give it a try. It took me 2 years to find this coil- it's the one that has a key built in. I can't believe it has no markings but there aren't any.