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  1. I wish I had never gotten rid of my '75 Monte Carlo. I know, not exactly on anyone's hot list, but it had great lines and styling. Mine only had a 305, but that didn't stop it from getting up and going, and it cornered on a rail. I loved driving that car. It was always referred to by friends as the "Batmobile".
  2. My dad has always been a car enthusiast. He, like others on the board, can take one glance at a car in garage a 100 feed off the raod as we pass at 45 mph and call it out, "'29 Model A or '63 Tempest or...". I always marvelled at his knowledge. As a boy, I enjoyed sitting in the garage with him as he worked on one of the cars, listening and learning, content to hand him wrenches awaiting the day the he would offer to let me turn a bolt or squeeze the grease gun. I eventually got my turn (or turns, if you will) So, here we are some 30+ years later, and the roles are a bit reversed. Now I'm the one under the Chrysler and he's handing wrenches (and usually giving instruction, needed or not). But caught at the right moment, I see that glimpse of anticipation in his face, awaiting the invitation to turn a bolt or grease a fitting. It's a love that never dies. Rob 1931 Chrysler CD8 Royal Sedan (One Family Owner) 1959 Ford Galaxie
  3. Elwin, Here are a few pages from my Chrysler Instruction book. It the original shop manual for my '31 CD8. Hope this helps. If you think that these couple of pages will help, Let me know and I can email you better copies that you should be able to Zoom In on. Regards, Rob
  4. Heat riser appears to have been the problem. I wired it open and ran the car. The cooling system was able to keep up with the engine heat. Still having an issue with my gauge (engine Temp gauge). Either the heat sender is not calibrated properly for my car or my gauge is off. Water temp is reading 180, but needle is still pressing into HOT. So working on determining which is failing. Thanks to everyone who posted with suggestions!
  5. HarryJ, Just picked up on your post. Looks like you're doing a great job on your "72". I've got a '31 CD8, the restore was completed about 15 years ago, but I still have some info from it as well as various links to sites that I've used since for repairs, etc. Also have my manuals, different models /different years, but I'll keep a watch and chime in if I can help. I also have a alot of odds and ends info. Chrysler 72 - 6 Model Code: J (Engine # Prefix) Years built: 1927 - 1928 Serial # Range: CW-000-P to CR-838-L FYI: Photos of my '31 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/cd8rob
  6. Well, I was able to get out and work on the Galaxie Saturday evening. The Heat Riser is definitely not opening. Made sure that it was moving and then heated the car up (Short 1/2 mile drive was all it took to drive the needle to Hot) and the Riser would not automatically open. Going to try to wire it open to see if it nets any results. Other analysis has halted until I get an outcome on this. I'll keep the post updated as to what resolves the problem.
  7. Thanks again, Dave. It appears to be moving around fine right now. I haven't been able to get out and do much more work on it this week. Hoping to get out there this weekend to run it and see what my engine heat looks like now. Thanks also for the links, have bought from Mac's already, I'm bookmarking Tee-Birds for future reference. I'll take any pics that you might have I currently use a shop manual that I found at the following location. Its for a '58 (Fairlane) but finding that most is the same (at least mechanically). http://www.tocmp.com/manuals/Ford/1958/Service/index.html I'll send you my email. Assuming that's the easiest way to send the pics.
  8. Dave (SimplyConnected), I did find that the Exhaust Valve was rusted Shut (or Heat ON). After a bit of persuasion, I was able to loosen it and it moves freely now. Thanks for the suggestion. However, manuals read that the valve is automatically controlled, but I don't see anything that would appear to manipulate its position. Can you explain/elaborate?
  9. Reply to Dave, Not overfilled, actually on the latest test after I replaced everything, it was possibly under-filled. Reply to Bill: 1.Not really at idle, but I've not had it down the road at much more than 30-40mph during tests. 2. Not terribly hot, 75-80 degree outside 3. Not absolutely sure, but assuming over 220 as its burying the TempGauge need at H. 4. Thermostat is new and rated 180 degrees fully open. 5. The old radiator was steaming, but radiator was in bad shape and only had a 6lb cap. 6. Thunderbird Special - V8 5.8L 352 4BB Carb. 7. I've replaced everything, except have not flushed the block. That's on my to do list with timing, and some of Dave's recommendations. 8. Timing unknown right now.
  10. Thanks for the reply. The T-Adapter is the small pipe that runs between the block and the water pump which holds the Temp Sender. Radiator cap is a 16lb. cap. BOught it new with the radiator. I will check on the manifold riser and the various temps and get another reply back.
  11. I've got a '59 Galaxie that I've been working on. Recent challenge: Engine is overheating. So far I have replaced the Thermostat, Radiator, Temperature Sensor (and T-adapter), belts and hoses. I have also taken the pump apart and verified proper operation. But its still overheating. I'm looking for suggestions, I know that timing could cause some overheating, but overheating seems excessive for overheating. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  12. I have a 1931 Chrysler CD8 Sedan that needs the Water pump rewrapped/repacked. I know the basic procedure of wrapping and packing with graphite roping, but was wondering if anyone has direct experience with or suggestions before I begin this endeavor. All input is appreciated.
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