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  1. Dear 34, well it is not a basket case, but close to it. But with that said it looks to me to be a $800 to $1200 car. You might be able to get a bit more parting it out, but then lots of time and effort are involved too. Just my opinion. John in VA 28-29 Town Brougham 23-45 Mclaughlin Buick
  2. I believe that this might be a 1924 model 45 export based upon the radiator shell and drum headlights. I thought it was a McLaughlin, but the top bows are not the same. The McLaughlin has wood bows and a different mechanism. Also the McLaughlin has the battery box mounted on the right side running board versus inside the car. Regards, John 28-29 Town Brougham 23-45 McLaughlin Buick export model
  3. JB, thanks. I will keep looking, but may take you up on your offer. I have seen them from time to time, but never thought that I would every need/want one for my McLaughlin Buick 45. Thanks again, John in VA
  4. The 1927 McLaughlin Buick hearse is owned by Lee Smith. Lee plans to make the car operational, but leave it the way it was found. It is in really original shape. It looks complete, but the vacuum fuel pump and carb are in pieces. Lee is a mechanic and ownes his own repair business and should be able to get this unique car back on the road. In addition to its hearse duty, it was also used as an ambulance. Here is a short write-up on the car from the CanadianDriver magazine. "Lee Smith's 1927 funeral coach is outfitted for those specific duties, early professional cars generally received just one type of coach body, and the interiors were easily switched to turn the car from ambulance into hearse. Some changed back and forth between duties during their lifetimes. That helps explain the sliding partition window in Smith's car, which in this case would open to a rather non-conversational passenger. Smith, an auto mechanic, bought the car four years ago in Waterford, Ontario. "When I first saw it, I had to have it, since it's one of a kind," he said of the car, which is rough but complete, and very restorable. "In 1969 it was pulled out of a gravel pit to be scrapped, and the people I got it from traded a load of scrap metal for it. It was supposed to be the fellow's retirement project, but he kept working, and then he passed away." "The car still wears a 1949 license plate, and contains an odd double floor, which opens in the middle with hinges on the side. Smith suspects that it was a later addition to update the car, since it contains casket rollers, and pins to hold the box in place once it's loaded. The car also has an original wooden flower rack that sits on metal braces halfway up the inside, and Smith found the car's tool kit and taillight under the seat".
  5. Anyone have a under the engine splash/mud pan for sale. If yes contact me at unimogjohn@aol.com Thanks
  6. The pictures of the maroon/black touring car without a top and under restoration is my 1923 McLaughlin Buick, model 45 Special, export. As you can see it is right hand drive. It was exported to England and came back to the states in the 60s. We believed that this car might be an only survivor as propably few were produced for export, maybe a couple of dozen. But yesterday I found a 23 MB, model 45 special export in Australia. Pictues are coming via mail so I only have one right now. I will post that picture on my picture site www.picasaweb.google.com/unimogjohn Dave, you have the information on my car. John Feser
  7. Hi, does anyone have a source for a Klaxon horn repair shop or person? I have a model 12A off my 1923 McLaughlin Buick. It's motor runs and engages a "dog" which hits and vibrates a metal disk. It does work if I just hold the motor and the disk together, but as soon as I put in the screws and tighten it back up it does not. If I just run the motor it runs fine. Just seems like the motor does not have enough power to start itself slipping over the dog and vibrating. Everything is tight and looks good. I am using a brand new battery with wires directly to the motor. Any ideas? TX John Pls also reply to Unimogjohn@aol.com 1923 McLaughlin Buick model 45 Special Tourning Export
  8. I am in need of a good spare for my 1923 Model 45 McLaughlin Buick. I am in northern Virginia, unimogjohn@aol.com, 540-364-2454
  9. Hello, I also have a 1928, Model 29. The top is not leather, it is a canvas coated with an empossed long cobra grain. It is available from a couple of source. You can contact Restoration Supply or Bob's Automobilia. You can see my 28-29 at www.picasaweb.google.com/unimogjohn Let me know if you need any pictures or information on the car. John Feser in Virginia
  10. From the album: Buick

    This is our 1928 Buick Standard Model 29 Town Brougham. It has not been restored. In excellent condition. Additional images can be seen at www.picasaweb.google.com/unimogjohn
  11. From the album: Buick

    This is our 1923 McLaughlin Buick 45 Special Export. Currently under restoration. Go to www.picasaweb.google.com/unimogjohn if you want to see additonal pictures.
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