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  1. kenny i have a 1934 34309 sedan unrestored sorry i have no parts but if i come across some ill let you know
  2. can you give me a little more info on yvette i dont know who she is thanks
  3. I have a 1934 pontiac sedan unrestored orig no rust no dents some paint worn on top of all fenders runs good any idea what it worth
  4. im pretty sure that there is a tag on the firewwallthe vin or serial #should be 6 numbersmine starts with an 8and ends with a 5 classic car and hemmings has places you can get a title ill try to find one
  5. seeking info on 1934 pontiac owners restored or original i have a 34 unrestored original hpof certified also need rad hoses and fan belts am also interested in contacting person who purchased 34 pontiac at vanderbrink auction my email is jar66427@ptd.net or post info or call cell #9084204961 thanks
  6. where is this pontiac forum cant seem to find it
  7. seeking information on how many 1934 pontiacs are still around also if they are restored or original
  8. almost all cars are worth restoring if you dont restore it it is one less old car on the road or in your garage they may not be worth what a 2dr is but some day all the 4drs are gone then what you have one
  9. does anyone know how i can get in contact with the person who purchased a 1934 pontiac at the vanderbrink auction
  10. seeking help on finding original type radiator hoses for a 1934 pontiac also a fan belt car is an unrestored original
  11. does anyone know how i can get info on the preson who purchased a 1934 pontiac at the vanderbrink auction
  12. how do i find my hpof # on aaca web site
  13. Can someone tell me how much of the fenders on my 1934 pontiac can be painted and still remain in the HPOF class.The car was awarded HPOF at Hershey. The front and tops of all 4 fenders have very little or no paint at all and look brownish. Thanks Jim R
  14. I purchased a 1934 pontiac,it is all original and have won the HPOF trophy. would like information on doing a brake job.The car has cable brakes. Are there any special tools needed? And also would like to put new tires on.Hershey was the first show and on the ride in realized tires and brakes were needed. Prior to show only drove around my town slowly. Any info will help. Thanks Jim R [color:"blue"] [color:"blue"]
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