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  1. Thank You!! I was surprised to hear that there was only one ratio in 33. How long have you had your 30? The only time I've considered going out of stock is for the better ratio.I bet that 3.9:1 would be good(and good mileage). I wonder if it would be strong enough? We had a higher(not much) Chevy. six in it once. An old mechanic in town here welded one twice on one side when the other side snapped we went back to original. I believe it was older than 33. The mech. is long gone. Thanks again! I'll start looking.
  2. My 33 eight can move from standing idle in top gear!! It has been know to snap axles because quick clutch and low torque. I don't have a tach but 3200revs 500 over max torque. In town is ok but it is too much at 55-60. If you hear of anyone with knowledge please give them my email. You will be the first if I change mine out. I know certain chev. pickups interchange. My Pinion is stamped 467 9-40 2-33n? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your response and sending the great picture. Yours is the first response I've received (ever!) as I'm new and not real good at computers. I may change complete differentials and probably will convert to Spicer type U-joints. I thought my 34 rear gears might be a higher speed but no luck. Thats again
  4. I have a 1933 roadster that I am bringing out on the road. I need a lot of stuff and help. This was my fathers baby for 30+ years. He drove it everywhere. In his last years he lost all the information and manuals.I would like to network with anyone who has or has knowledge of 1933s. It runs and drives well. The most immediate need is for a Trunnion Bearing(u-joint) and information on interchange differentials or gear sets. Remember reading about a "plains" ratio? The pontiac clubs don't seem to have an advisor for 1933. My poor mans Auburn. All help appreciated.
  5. not good at computers but try. I have a 1933 roadster. I need to gather as much info as I can and would enjoy networking with 1933 owners. The particular info I would like to find is rear differential ratios and interchange possibilities. My car drives well but needs to lower the engine rpms. Thanks for help.
  6. Does anyone know of a way to get a higher ratio for the differential of my 1933 Pontiac Cabriolet. The pinion in it now is marked #467 9-40 2-33n ? I once saw some literature about a choice of: Hill; normal & plains rear gears. I know the some chevy pickups used the same type of torque tube rear end. I am also looking for a trunion joint/universal joint for the 33-34(torque tube/trans conector). I may have a complete 34 car minus the body for sale. I believe I will have it startable soon. I am interested in anything to do with 1933 Pontiacs
  7. I have a 1933 pontiac. Its been in the family 50+ years. I am getting ready to refurbish it for the 3rd time. I used to have information regarding three different ratios for the ring and pinion gears. They were listed simpley as the hill,standard, and plains models. The markings say 467 9-90 2-33n on mine. I have lost most of the info we had accumulated through the years. Hollander also lists some chevy's with interchangeable rears. At one time we had a chevy rear in it but it snapped axles easily. Also I am looking for a front Trunion(u-joint) for a 34 pontiac. I have been out of the Old Car
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