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  1. Ed, Sent you a series of emails yesterday.
  2. Will a Stromberg SF 3 work as a replacement for a single barrel Tillotson on the 8 cyl Stearns Knight?
  3. By the way, the 1927 8 cyl G sedan in Australia got the needed parts and was sold at an auction there a few years ago.
  4. Dave Bell's 1929 Stearns Knight Model M Coupe is still running and touring regularly in far eastern North Dakota. The current owner is a young man in his 30's who is doing a great job of preservation. He had done just enough engine work so that the car tours very well and for long distances. It's appearance is the same as when Dave Bell owned it - no changes there. The suspension has been tightened up and it rides and handles better than it did a few years ago. Not bad for an 88 year old lady. Oh, and she has cut back on her smoking habit due to some of the engine work.
  5. I had an enclosed trailer built in 2002 with 15" rims and two 5500 lb axles. For the next 4 years I blew out a complete set every cross country trip I made. Had the builder replace the axles with 7200# capacity and bought the highest load rated radial tires I could buy. No problem since. I run it about 8000 miles per summer with about a total gross weight of 12,500#. My original axle and tire combo was just too light. I think you'll be surprised if you weight your rig loaded with vehicle and all the tools and parts you may carry.
  6. Regarding your valve sealing problem. If, during rebuild, the grooves on the sleeves were cleaned and all carbon removed (ask me, I did it too), you will experience low power until the carbon accumulates again in the grooves. Took my car about 10,000 miles, then I began to experience a signficant increase in power. All the sleeve valve car ads say "power increases with use". That's because the engine is sealing itself as the carbon accumulates. If your friend drives the car it WILL regain it's power.
  7. Have no fear!!! These are great engines and the cost of rebuild IS NOT excessive. I'm in the process of rebuilding a 53 Ford Flathead and have significantly more invested in parts and machining than the rebuild on my 1928 Willys Knight Great Six sleeve valve motor (255 CID, 70HP). The Sleeve valve motor was stuck solid when I got it. Soaked it for 9 months, got it free, bolted on a carb and started it! I replaced the rings, had an engine shop boil out the block, hone the sleeves & bore and take 0.010 off the crank. Put in new babbit bearings, and have been running it since. Total over 20,
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