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  1. I am looking for a 6 volt Dura built convertible pump. thanks Dave t pho 419 215 7177
  2. Need some help please, I sent my 1936 LB motor to a rebuilder for a complete rebuild. I asked him to do the valve clearance at 012 on the intakes and 014 on the exhaust. I put in all new straight valve components and new non adjustable lifters. My motor just came back and when I gauged the valves clearance the intakes fluctuated between 012 and 014 and the exhaust fluctuated between 014 and 017. My question is this going to be an significant problem or cause any loud valve train noise? thanks Lawrence
  3. Yes Tedd , I do hear a swish in cadence with some lite valve train noise. So I will do a compression test and go from there. thank you much for answer my post
  4. I just purchased a 1955 olds 88 that drives well , but has a bad miss at idle. Has new carb, timing is set at the middle mark on balancer, Vacuum gauge fluctuates badly between 8 and 15 inches at idle. Manual indicates that could be late valve timing. Does that mean a bad timing chain or some thing else in the valve train system? Where should I start the process of eliminations? thanks Lawrence
  5. Would like to purchase 1936 Ford 30 over rod bearings and 30 over 4 grove flat top pistons. Dave thanks pho# 419 215 7177
  6. Matt, Does your 21 stud motor have the water pumps on the front of the heads? thanks
  7. I would like to purchase a good non cracked 1936 Ford LB block or complete motor pho 419 215 7177 thanks
  8. Would like to buy a nice 1954-1956 Olds 88 convertible pho 419 215 7177 thanks
  9. I would like to buy a 1954-1956 Oldsmobile convertible call Dave 419 215 7177 E Mail
  10. need 4 600x16 new or used 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 whit side wall tires Dave T pho 419 215 7177
  11. Thank you Johnny for your offer, but I need white walls
  12. Still looking for 4 bias ply 600 x 16 white wall tires io put on my 1936 Ford. thanks DaveT
  13. Looking for 4 600x16 whitwall tires pho#419-829-9986 Dave T
  14. Want to buy 4 600x16 whitewall tires. 419 215 7177