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  1. If you need a vehicle, pre-16 or any age, even new, moved (COMMERCIAL ENCLOSED INSURED 18 wheeler) from the west coast to the south/central Midwest (OK, KS, north TX, western MO or AR, NM, CO, etc.) the week of May 18th or 25th, there’s a chance to save some $$. Please call, text or email me. Thanks, Herb Singe 908-265-1155 hsinge1@aol.com
  2. I believe the car you refer to may be the reproduction Chadwick that was produced (80-90%) in Reno by John Mozart under Tom Batchelor's direction in the mid to late '80s. I remember seeing the raw engine and transaxle castings while visiting their shop while attending one of the Harrah's Auctions from 1984-86 and the wonderful piece of engineering that was the reproduction carbuerator produced by John Bentley of England while at a late '80s Hershey. The only two (I believe) original Chadwicks remaining were in the Bill Pollack collection during the '50s-'70s and then "migrated" west to the M
  3. I'd venture a guess that it's an accessory radiator mascot, sold as an aftermarket accessory starting (pretty much) after WW1. These were very popular in the '20s as concerns about overheating (more prevalent on teens & pre-teen cars than on '20s chariots) became less prevalent (earlier - teens and preteens - cars might typically have temperature gauges - thermometers - on top of their radiator caps - though there were exceptions such as the Thomas Flyer and the Locomobile - both after 1908 and each to celebrate major (the two biggest???) racing wins - the 1908 N.Y. to Paris 'Round the Wo
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