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  1. If you need a vehicle, pre-16 or any age, even new, moved (COMMERCIAL ENCLOSED INSURED 18 wheeler) from the west coast to the south/central Midwest (OK, KS, north TX, western MO or AR, NM, CO, etc.) the week of May 18th or 25th, there’s a chance to save some $$. Please call, text or email me. Thanks, Herb Singe 908-265-1155 hsinge1@aol.com
  2. Sublet (Rent) 1-6 GREAT spaces (for a VERY REASONABLE COST - NO premium), right in the middle of this week's Fall Carlisle Flea Market on CORVETTE (I) ROW - the "main street" for the whole Fall Carlisle Flea Market. The total area for all 6 of these spaces is 30' wide by 60' deep (3 side by side 10' x 30' spaces, which are 2 spaces deep - ie each 10' wide x 60' deep, ie drive thru spaces - they front on both I Row - Corvette Row - and H Row, very close to building T, which is the new, big, red metal building which has the Carlisle Flea Market store and bank in it). You can rent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 o
  3. Enclosed Car Trailer with minimum 8' (96") high rear door wanted –USED–DEMO or NEW. Any length (18'-30'), age (older is OK) and dual or tri axle is OK. Prefer tongue hitch but gooseneck may be OK. But must be MINIMUM 8' (96") high rear door and 8'3" (99") high inside clearance. Have Ready $$ or have items to trade. Thanks. Herb Singe 908-868-4006; 908-289-7900 olcarherb@juno.com
  4. And, of course, Sears sold Automobiles - high wheelers - in the pre teens era and of course also sold Henry J's and european motorcycles in the postwar (WW2) era under the Allstate brand name.
  5. Hello Steve - Sears never made ANYTHING, except perhaps money, at least they USED TO MAKE MONEY!!!.........LOL... As for the motorcycles they sold in the teens and preteens era, these were "badge engineered" versions of other manufacturers bikes, often times "leftovers" or year old machines built but unsold by motorcycle manufacturers. I believe most Sears bikes had Spaacke motors which were quite large displacement motors (for the time) - i.e. 1200cc - 1.2 liter - 75 cu. in. twins and purportedly VERY, VERY fast for the era - 80 mph machines in an era of single wheel drum or coaster brakes.
  6. My friend, an experienced old car hobbyist/restorer/transporter can (enclosed) transport 1 car (or 2 Model T’s or small cars) from the East Coast (Northeast) WESTBOUND to the Midwest, Southwest or West Coast THIS WEEK leaving Tues/Wed 3/31-4/1. He'll do a GREAT JOB & is VERY REASONABLY PRICED. He moves my cars & this is the return trip. Herb Singe 908-868-4006 olcarherb@juno.com
  7. I hope you'll write about the REAL winner of the 1911 500, Ralph Mulford driving a LOZIER, despite the heroic efforts of Ray Harroun driving the hometown MARMON (Wasp) who became the pollically correct and economically wise choice of the Indianapolis stewards and judges.
  8. Hi guys - I was there - great show as usual - one of the VERY BEST in the country. Some (about 12-15) GREAT brass era cars - both American and quite a few early Ghosts - due undoubtedly to the Millenium RR tour starting immediately after the concours, 3 Mercer Raceabouts - 2 T heads and an early '20's L head, also about a dozen ('50's - early '60's Watson, Kurtis etc.) Indy Roadsters, some kool looking '60's - 2000's concept cars - the Orbitron, the Chip Foose designed Hemisphere etc. and the typical high class European and American iron that always graces the Ritz Carlton golf course each ye
  9. Hi Bill - I have some ideas and experience in this area. We (my Dad & I) converted a 5200 s.f. brick commercial building into our private "museum" about 8-10 years ago. And I've visited scores of private collections over the past 2 decades. I'd be happy to share my thoughts with you privately over the phone. Please email me your phone # to olcarherb@juno.com so we can talk as I HATE typing......................aghhhhhhhhh!!!.......Herb Singe (Jr.)
  10. My friend, an experienced old car hobbyist/restorer and transporter can transport in his enclosed trailer 1 large car (or 2 Model T’s or small cars) from the east coast / northeast to the midwest or west coast in April at your convenience. He does a great job, and is very reasonably priced (much less than the 18 wheelers). He moves my cars and this is the return trip. Herb Singe, 973-786-7200 olcarherb@juno.com
  11. Another friend, also an experienced old car hobbyist/restorer can (enclosed) transport 1 car from the Chickasha Oklahoma swap meet or nearby area to the Southeast USA or from the Chickasha area or the Southeast USA to the West Coast. He also does a great job & is reasonably priced. This the rest of his trip after bringing my car to Chickasha. Herb Singe, 973-786-7200 olcarherb@juno.com
  12. A 3rd friend, also an experienced old car hobbyist/restorer can transport 1 or 2 cars from the East Coast (Northeast) to the Midwest or West Coast in March, April or May at your convenience. He’ll do a great job and is also reasonably priced. He’s moving my cars and this is the return trip. Herb Singe, 973-786-7200 olcarherb@juno.com
  13. Hello - If you're still looking to move the car west, perhaps my friend could help within the next month or two. Herb Singe 973-786-7200
  14. Can anyone transport a clean, unrestored model T sized car from either the Chickasha OK. meet (anytime on or after March 15th) or from the greater Chicago/northwestern Indiana area (anytime on or after March 18th)(I can get the car taken to either Chickasha on March 15th or the Chicago suburbs/NW Indiana on March 18th and can arrange for local temporary storage in either place) to either the northeast (Conn., N.J., Penna. etc.) anytime or to the greater Cleveland area anytime between March 18th and April 18th (a friend who can also store the car is leaving Cleveland for my area late Wed. night
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