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  1. Hi everyone, I need a pair of front guards for my '48 Roadmaster... anyone got some? Thanks, Karl.
  2. Hi everyone, would like some help finding wiper blades and arms for my '48 Roadmaster. Any help will be appreciated, thanks, Buford 8.
  3. Would like to find a pair of front bumper guards for my '48 Roadmaster. Somehow the wrong guards got installed on my car. The guards I have are releived on both sides for the character lines that are not on the center bumper piece. This leaves a gap on the inside of the guards and looks unfinished.
  4. I have a very nice set of four '56 caddy wheel covers that I would like to get 150.00 + shipping. I think they can go almost anywhere in the lower 48 for about 20.00 Parcel Post. dingman@tularosa.net
  5. OK, that will work out just fine.... thanks for the replys....Buford 8 <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  6. I would like to see an engine with the decal readable, I plan to have this phrase lettered on my car elsewhere than the engine. Anyone have a picture of an engine with this lettering on it?.... thanks, Buford 8
  7. Anyone have a picture of the words "Fireball Eight" as seen on the engine of old Buicks? I would like to try and reproduce this on my '48 Roadmaster......... thanks, Buford 8.
  8. No I had a 1947 model 76S and it has been sold.
  9. I thought I read where he wouldn't be insulted....go figure?
  10. I'd like to see more pics but I can't find your email address. You can send pics to : dingman@zianet.com Thanks, Buford 8.
  11. Apparently my jpeg pic is too big, any help?... Thanks, Buford 8
  12. I bought this '48 Roadmaster last year, it was in So. Cal. The other day I found a pic of it from the Columbus, OH. Street Rod Nats. in 2002. The credit for the photo is Steve Arnett.....no other info. I would really like to know the history of this car. I will attempt to attach a pic of it as it appeared in '02 and a pic of it now. The car is undergoing a complete rebuild this year and will be ready to hit the street soon. Thanks for any help, Buford 8.
  13. The Buick version was the "Regal".
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