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  1. It's got the 402 engine - wow! Love the outside color... Hate the mid '80's hubcaps though.
  2. It sounds like you have a u-joint going bad. They will make the exact noise you are describing: one squeak per revolution. Put the car on a lift with the e-brake set & the trans NOT in park. try to twist the driveshaft with your hand. Look at both u-joint & look for any play. Changes are your u-joint is about to go. Dangerous! I would not drive the car unless you are going to the shop.
  3. Hey guys, been awhile. First-- I remember that black Caprice way back in '95! I used to go to the University of Alabama (which is in Tuscaloosa) & that same car would be parked over in the engineering dept. every once in awhile. I remember it being pretty much exactly as you see it there, although the paint was a little rougher and it DID NOT HAVE that steering wheel in it -- strange. It had to be the same car though, as it really was loaded. Second, that gold Caprice -- looks pretty phony. The document does not seem at all correct. Take the radio on the "doc" -- a U69 AM/FM radio --
  4. Well, I'm back in NC -- sorry Richard, I missed your response (no computers where I was at). They delivered the loaders & crusher last Friday, & I arrived back in NC two days ago. I was worried about them crushing too much, but the guys actually let me use their loader over the weekend so I moved all the vehicles into one area so there would be no misunderstanding. I was told to spray-paint an "X" on each vehicle that I wanted gone. They ended up crushing & hauling off 97 cars in less than two days -- they started Monday afternoon & finished Tuesday evening. I was sort o
  5. I moved to NC & left my car collection in a field in Alabama. There are approximately 145 vehicles out there & due to the fact that they are not on my land, I had to call a mobile car crusher.. This kills me since I never thought I'd leave Alabama...but I'll never be able to get them all up here. I have no time to strip these cars as I am taking vacation time just to go down there & make sure they don't crush "the keepers". The mobile crusher is going to be there in about a week to get rid of about 70-something of these cars. I'm keeping about 25 Fieros, along with the GTO/GS
  6. 455 is standard. Where is car located -- I need some obscure dash bracketry off a '66 to '70 Toronado.
  7. What's a luxuary town sedan? Is it a Luxury Sedan or a town sedan?
  8. Wow, that is strange. I figured it'd have the wire wheel covers too, but no. What a neat car! I believe it has pulse wipers too, judging by the look of the switch. Quite a rare option for a pre'77 Chevrolet.
  9. Sorry, I don't believe that cars worth anything near $22K. Looks like it has few options & you'll have to put a new fuel-sending unit in it...
  10. There was a couple in Jasper, Alabama that towed an '88-'91 Honda Civic Hatchback with a large motorhome. The motorhome's tag read, "LA MOOSE" and the Honda's tag read, "LA MOUSE".
  11. Wow, interesting car. It has the weird AM/8-track stereo & lamp group. It's hard to believe the buildsheet lasted 14,000 miles under there. I've seen Southgate cars with buildsheets folded up (!) & stuck under the seat springs. Who knows, maybe the future lucky owner will find another one. I'd love to own that car, although to me..it's almost too nice/original to drive.
  12. What a beautiful car. I hope you saved the original wheels & hubcaps!
  13. I love what you are doing to that car. Nice work. Please lose the crappy Fram oil filter though -- you deserve an AC PF24! Google "oil filter" tests or something like that. Some guy did some great tests on various filter brands... forgot where the link was. Delco came out on top & FRAM came out on bottom! Later.
  14. Hey BOY...these are on E-bay all the time. Why would anyone waste their time "making offers" when they could just bid on one? How does anyone know what ballpark you are talking, money-wise? Would you take $20? Probably not! Anyone with the "make offer" bullcrap post such as yours probably wants twice what it's worth. Sorry "ED", but I'm with GSLimited. BTW, even if you did post a price, who'd want to buy from someone with such a flippant attitude? You just shot yourself in the foot, "BOY".
  15. Hey Tony, That was a nice Pontiac. Unusual option combo too. Silver looks so good on those cars. Funny you should post that car... This weekend, I was at the junkyard & someone brought in an Ascot Silver 1973 Catalina sedan. The car had the 400 2bbl engine, A/C, Rally Wheels, Bumper rub strips, body side moldings, & a vinyl top (at one time). The car was so rusty the roof tore off when the guy picked it off the truck with the forklift. The car did not have a remote mirror, clock, nor any other options. Hey, which forum was talking about manual transmissions in a '71 to '76 mode
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