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  1. It is time to enjoy and drive this one! Only 53,000 miles, stored in winter. Service books and dealer promo brochure. $6700 Cedar Rapids Iowa Rich Smith. 319-447-9442 (Work number)
  2. Do you have the fuel door release handle (plastic)? I also need the plasctic fuse cover for the ABS. It is located under the hood. As you face the front of the TC it will be in the front left area. Rich Smith 319 377 7800 or rsmith@prioritymanagement.com Thanks
  3. Hello: I have interest in 2 small items 1) Gas lid opener plastic part (on the lever by the drivers seat) mine broke. 2) Fuse box cover lid (removable black plastic cover for fuses mounted under the hood) This part is located on the left side (as you face the motor from the front end) and near the front left corner. I have the lower part (hold fuses and all, just the top, snap on cover is missing) (apx) 3.5 inches long X 2.25 inches wide Rich Smith Cedar Rapids Iowa 319-377-3800 rsmith@prioritymanagement.com
  4. I would check to see if either front tires has a large wheel weight. I had new tires installed and had a very bad shimmy at 35 mph. They had spun balanced to 75 mph. One of the tires was egged shaped. Smooth at 60 - 70, yet very bad at 35. They claimed there was nothing wrong with the tires. I had them place the car on the hoist and had a tape measure with me. We slowly spun the tire with a very large wheel weight on it and saw a 1/4 inch variance (from the floor to the bottom of the tire) as we spun the tire thru one revolution. I hope that helps. Rich Smith
  5. 53,000 miles, stored in winter. Service books and dealer promo brochure. $6700 Cedar Rapids Ia
  6. Hello, we have a 1991 Red / Ginger V6 TC with top, service book, 53,000 miles, no tool kit. This has always been garaged and used in good weather (no rust). Nice shape and paint, leather seats show normal wear. Factory CD (does not work). I'm wanting to place it for sale and would like feedback on it's value.
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