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  1. Return line (smaller of the two) is 1/4". Feed fuel line is 5//16" Make sure you use EFI fuel injection hose and not standard fuel line. Todd
  2. Better be well over the minimum needed as several will back out due to length of time this is taken. I had almost 20% of people out of 16V thermostat covers and another 15% on the adjustable cam pulley sets. I know I won't be putting any $ down until I see proof of finished product. How long has two vendors been talking about this, 5 years or so? Talk is cheap, so is RTV (lol) right Hemi? Todd
  3. Private mailed couple people on this for payment. Last chance before they are sold to others. Here is a pic of finished product. Todd
  4. Huh, Mine just came USPS Priority. Hopefully you now have them in your possession. Todd
  5. 16V Masi thermostat covers are done. They are far superior in both looks and strength from original. Thermostat covers have been shipped to all people that have paid for them. For those that have not yet made contact with me, please do ASAP. Should anyone need instructions for payment please contact me by PM or email. Todd
  6. Butch, My experience with cheap reman racks is the inner tie rods ends fail very quickly. Buy some good parts and they will last you a long time. Does your rack act stiff turning left or right when cold? If yes, replace the whole rack. Ask yourself how anyone can rebuild a steering rack with good parts and sell them for $85. Put in a cheap reman & you might be in the same boat as you are now a few months from now. There are specific tools to use to remove inner tie rod ends in the vehicle, if you do not have them you will have to drop the crossmember and remove the rack. It's not that big of a job. Todd
  7. Okay they are close to being done. Just waiting on the o-rings believe it or not. I need to make contact with MB91560, SCTC, & Yellowdog, ASAP. If this is you please email or PM me immediately. Everyone else I have your email addy's and I will be contacting you in the next day or two about payment. Here is a teaser pic. They are NICE! Todd
  8. Roger unfortunately all the materials have been ordered and cut and at this time we have no extra material to make more. If someone backs out (and someone probably will) you will be first in line. I'll be in touch if that happens. Todd
  9. Production has started on the housings. Absolutely last call if you want in on this. I will be sending out emails to those of you that have committed as we get closer to a finished product. Once again thanks to those that got in on this group purchase. Todd
  10. Cliff, Got you down for two. Thanks for the bump:) Todd
  11. Okay consider this last call for getting on this list. Going to order materials very soon. Thanks everyone for making this happen! Todd
  12. Found a CNC programmer/operator that is willing to make a small batch of these. So were making progress finally. I would like a show of hands on who's in & who's out before I commit to production. Price point should be around $60 give or take a few bucks. Need to have commitments for 20 people. Like the Fidanza pulleys, these will more than likely be a one time deal. To reiterate, these will be billet CNC made and not an exact reproduction of the cast thermostat housing. Todd Omnishelby@yahoo.com
  13. Pat and Chris, Put me down for two. Definitely need the tube gaskets though. Doesn't work if you have a sealed valve cover only to have the plug wells fill up and pour onto the exhaust manifold. You wind up with the same problem. Larry, thanks for loaning out a NOS gasket for the project! If Christofferson is gonna keep his motor, I'm sure we can twist his arm for 1 or 2. BTW Larry, not knowing what a NOS gasket looks like, are the 2) half moon gaskets for the cams on the drivers side of the head part of the gasket? Or are these separate pieces too? If separate, I need those too! Todd BTW if you want to get aggressive about this you might want to start putting together a group email listing for 16V Masi owners to contact them. I did this with the Fidanza 16v pulley group buy a couple years ago. Not all 16V owners are on this forum.
  14. Like what has happened before Bob, never received it:confused:. Maybe there is a delay due to time zones? Nothing in in-box or spam box. Better send it again. Todd
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