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  1. The 100th anniversary of the first woman to drive a car across the US will be celebrated starting June 9, 2009. The Alice Ramsey Centennial Celebration is in the planning. A new (work in progress) web site is available at aliceramsey.org. Check it out. We welcome your participation, support, and help in generating sponsorships. Come drive part of the trip with us......Alice was 21 years old and drove a 1909 Model DA Maxwell. The 2009 "Alice" is named Emily and she too will be driving a restored 1909 Model DA Maxwell. Everything will stick as close to authentic as possible.
  2. I need an exhaust manifold for my 1909 DA Maxwell.....does anyone know where I might find one ? We are recreating the Alice Ramsey Centannial Drive in 2009 in this restored 09 DA. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rich Anderson 206-240-9434 rvanderson5@yahoo.com
  3. Len.....send me some pics. I may be interested if its the correct year...thanks, Rich Anderson 206-240-9434 - Seattle
  4. Mike...if you can forward some pictures of both lamps I can give you an evaluation on them.
  5. I have the following for sale: 1905 Model F touring, 1905 Model E "Miners truck", 1906 Model M Tulip touring, and chassis for a 1905 Model F and a 1908 Model S. I can send pictures and details...Rich Anderson - rvanderson5@hotmail.com, 206-240-9434
  6. I have a 1903 Model 18 Thomas Single Cylinder.....what help do you need and do you have a similar car ?.....Rich Anderson......rvanderson5@hotmail.com/206-240-9434
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