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  1. found the pad with the engine number on it 6-76259 on the front driver side of the block and the indian head casting is on the same side on the back, think this is a 35?
  2. the cylinder head says F186 and GM 2 487097 X, the generator tag is 935W, the block has GM G85 and 497001or 407001 (sorry bad eyes)
  3. I wish I had one to complete the motor, anyone who has one that works please let me know thanks
  4. I have a 41 straight 8 that went to the machine shop then never put back together, most everything is there but the the crankshaft, what will interchange into it or does anyone have one for sale? thanks
  5. Long story short, I have acquired a 1940 2627 deluxe coupe after many years of indoor then outdoor storage, original everything but engine and radiator is missing. Gearbox is still there. I found a 6cyl engine with bellhousing but I'm pretty sure its from a postwar car. The engine ID number on the block is 676259 can anyone help with correlation to a year? What issues will there be to hook this up to the 40 gear box? Is there any interchange with other GM radiators? I think the body number is C 15, if so is this an early production car? Thanks for your help!(sorry if this is a duplicate, the pictures didn't load the first time)
  6. According to my Hollander manual these are 17 X 3.62 5/5&1/2 and are interchangable with 32 Pontiac V8 and 32 Olds. I need two to fill the sidemounts on my 32 Pontiac V8 Custom Sedan. Attached is a picture (not of my car) for reference. E-mail is jskovseth@aol.com, Thanks!
  7. My urgent need right now is for a steering column and steering gear box that fits this car, if you have another GM product (30-31 Oakland, 32 Olds or 32-33 Buick Model 50?) that would work or ANYTHING you have that goes on my car I'd be interested. Also need rear fenders, gas tank cover, side mount covers, door hinges, hubcaps. Thanks! You can reply to JSkovseth@aol.com or on this thread
  8. Oh I forgot, I need the door hinges also
  9. Dont send it to heaven just yet!!!!!!!!! Do you have the steering column and steering gear box? Front or rear bumper? Thanks! Jon Skovseth JSkovseth@aol.com
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