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  1. A buddy/neighbor of mine is selling his 68 Imperial Convertible and I'm posting it for him. Feel free to call/email him if interested : philmaternowski@gmail.com cell 469-644-1075 1968 Chrysler Imperial Convertible - one of 474 built Dark Blue / Black interior 78,000 original miles Small dent in rear 1/4 behind drivers door Minor rust on the bottom of the rear 1/4s Have build sheet and original owners manual Options : Tilt / Telescoping steering column AM/FM radio Auto headlight dimmer Headrests Asking $ 13,500
  2. It's funny you said this. I myself emailed Craig 5 years ago asking to have one search engine and got the same response you said. So what I do is pick major cites around me ( or within a state or so ) and check for car I'm into. What's even stranger is my buddy in Seattle actually told me about the car, he's always looking for dry rust free sheet metal from AZ or NM..... I guess it's just luck sometimes...
  3. Hey guys, just to clear the air here, I was caller # 2 and I talked to Bradley in length on the car, as well as the guy at the local repair shop that fixed the brakes. I also googled Bradleys home # and even called one of his neighbors ( gotta love white pages ).... and he verified the car for me. This was one of those deals you don't believe, and unfortunately for me I was late to the dance. He did not search pricing, nor have a clue about the car. The only reason he did craigslist and not autotrader was because he didn't want to pay $50 to post He actually is into Juke Boxes and is how he found the car at random. He read an estate flyer and showed up to buy the Jukebox listed, and there the car was. He bought it for much less and was trying to make enough money on it for what he paid for the Juke. The repair man that did the brakes was my best verification the car was what it was and unfortnately this collector in AZ came through. I'm hoping to hear from the new buyer and maybe get some pictures. My info was passed along. This was one of those deals you see every 5-10 years... bummer for me and my buddy Matt who would have killed for this car.... ( aka 4 speed above )
  4. Hey there, I had recently been looking at some of the latest pics of the Buick Nationals a member posted on fotki.com. The link was pulled a few days ago. I saw a buddy of mine there with his car and wanted to get the pics if you know who the owner of the pictures was. I'd love any contact info. Thanks, Ryan Poulos Celina,TX
  5. Before you go blowing Matt's Buick ego all up ( not sure if that's possible anyway, it's already max'd ), I'd just like to say I taught him everything he knows about Buicks..... hee hee ! I grew up with him, so I can get away with that one ! For the record, I found Matt 2 of his rare Buicks ( the 63 lesabre 4 speed car, and the 64 Wildcat factory dual 4 car )... Just wanted to mention that because I love pointing that out. Did Matt tell you when he's done with his 64 Wildcat X-code car we are racing on 'Pinks' ? It's on my friend !! It's on ! Ryan Celina,TX
  6. Hello, I may be going through there with an empty 3 car trailer...... When do they have to be moved ?? Also, will you be selling any of the cars, and what types of cars are they ? Thanks, Ryan
  7. Hello, I'm helping a friend sell some 1958 Buick Limiteds. He has one 2dr hardtop, and four 4dr hardtops. All are needing minor to major restoration, but are complete cars. I know what old cars price guide says, but he's wanting opinions out there from the club. I also have a complete front clip from a 58 Limited and wondered what that was worth. I know the Sweds love these cars, and if anyone has examples of what they got for something they sold, I'd love to know. I should be getting pics to post in a few days. Thanks, Ryan Poulos ryanp@cniemail.com Celina,TX
  8. Very cool..... I just thought I'd throw his name out there. I forgot to mention I'm looking for a nice 65 Electra Conv also. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Hey there, I use to have a friend that was in to 63 and 64 Wildcats. He would be a good guy to call. Matt Menges 316 263 6949 He's done a lot of research on these cars, and knows more then anyone I know. Back in the day, I found two of his cars for him. A 63 Lesabre 2dr HT benchseat 4 speed car. I was talking crap about how 4 speed 63s and 64s were not hard to find, and he challenged me... so I found the lesabre when I lived in Colorado ( I should have bought it myself, it was a steal at $ 1500.00 )... we even drove it around the day we got it home.. it ran perfect.. In the process, I also found a dual 4 64 Wildcat 2dr that he still has. Currently, he's restoring a 64 Wildcat dual 4 4 speed car he found in Arizona.....He's had to replace everything, but when it's done, it's going to be nice. It's a bolt by bolt frame of re-body resto..... Anyway, I'd give Matt a call..... He may want to buy it from you..... By the way, I'm looking for anyone with a 58 Limited 2dr,Conv, or 4dr for sale in decent restorable shape...... Also, a friend is looking for a 59 Electra 225 Convertible bucket seat car..... Cya, Ryan ryanp@cniemail.com
  10. Hello, I have a 60 Electra 2dr HT I'm selling for parts. It was going to be crushed and it had a car on top of it so the top is mashed. It was an A/C car, and it's missing some things, but would be good if you needed odds and ends. I have a guy who wants the rocker moldings and wheel lip moldings...... I will probably remove those. The car is located in Seminole Oklahoma and would need to be picked up or parted out there. There is no wheels or tires on the car, so if you are coming to get it, you'd need to bring some, or have a wrecker..... $ 200 and it's yours. I have a pic, but it was to large to upload. Please email me for pics... ryanp@cniemail.com . I also have a 61 Invicta 2dr HT for the same price. Also a 59 Dodge 2dr Coronet. I'm also looking for parts for my 59 Fury. Pass side upper door molding. Here's a link to the pics : web page Thanks. Ryan Poulos Celina,TX
  11. UBB6-ML-248467-ML- Ryan...Welcome to the AACA Forum. Moved your query to the Buy/Sell Section. The General Forum is reserved for miscellaneous discussions, not, prices of cars. Please take the time to scroll down on the Main Page and you will find various sections to include Mopar subjects. Regards, Peter J.
  12. Hello, I ran by a car and wondered if anyone could tell me if it's rare, how many were made, and a price...... The car is a 1955 Imperial 4 door sedan. It's got Power Windows, Power Seat, A/C, and it's in good shape. It's got around 35,000 original miles, but it sat inside for so long it got mice and needs some help. Probably a good clean up, brakes, and the usually stuff. It's actually a very solid car. The guy is asking $ 2000.... The owner says they only made like 50 of these cars and it's ultra rare..... Cand a mopar guru out there tell me the scoop ? Thanks, Ryan Poulos Celina,TX ryanp@cniemail.com
  13. Hello, I have a 1959 Plymouth Fury 2dr HT and I'm needing the Passenger Side Upper door Stainless. There are tow stainless pieces that hold in a flat metal insert. I need the top strip. I can send pictures or give measurements on the part, or whatever you may need. Thanks, Ryan Poulos ryanp@cniemail.com