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  1. thanks I am still deciding whether the Hudson is too big a project for me
  2. I have a baby stroller that is a woodie. perfect addition to any woodie
  3. looking for a graham sharknose to restore
  4. sent you a pm can you send me the particulars and the price
  5. btt still looking someone offered me a saxon but I do not believe that is a brass car. also someone offered a 1910 Hudson but not complete enough would also consider old fire engine from the teens
  6. wanted v860 ford motor and transmission or complete car with the same in it
  7. wanted brass car project, brush, Maxwell. or something that is fairly complete but needing restoration mike 847-987-2928 samsonized@hotmail.com
  8. I have quite a few of these lights and I cannot identify it it is a guide light 5947905 please help me
  9. wanted one set of 1914 ford touring top bows and sockets samsonized@hotmail.com 847-987-2928
  10. looking for model t ford right hand drive components i need to switch a left hand drive car to right hand drive car mike 847-987-2928 samsonized@hotmail.com
  11. Very interested. What year is the truck. How much for motor and trams. Where r u located. Mike. 847-987-2928
  12. wanted to buy american lafrance for speedster project.
  13. Is it still for sale. Mike 847-987-2928.
  14. 4 brand new 700-17 firestone blackwall tires with tubes they were mounted once but never driven on still have **** on them $600.00 delivered to hershey if paid in advance mike 847-987-2928 samsonized@hotmail.com
  15. yes i would but i would like to see a pix samsonized@hotmail.com
  16. looking for two or for wire spoke hubcaps to match pix they are 15" and were sold by pep boys type stores in the early 50's they were made by calnevar from california any help would be appreciated samsonized@hotmail.com 847-987-2928 mike
  17. want to buy a cadillac dual carb or tri power setup that will fit on a 51 cadillac motor
  18. just listed a 1931-32 and 1935-1936 auburn boatail speedster project on ebay
  19. just listed 2 auburn speedster projects on ebay one 1931-32 and one 1935-1936
  20. i am restoring a 53 muntz jet and it has a 317 mercury y block and a 4 speed automatic hydramatic transmission. i would like to have the trans gone through. does anyone no of a good source for a rebuild on a trans like this. the new shops all say yeh yeh we can do it but i am a little concerned that they have never even seen one.
  21. wanted to buy a pair of 1950 1951 ford outside door handle accessory guards samsonized@hotmail.com 847-987-2928
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