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  1. Appraised a 1930 woodie last week and I don't think it is a real Ford product. It has two doors, roll-up canvas/plastic side curtains and no second seat. I think they called it a Huckster wagon. This was never made as a Ford model, was it? It has all the "right" wood design on the side as a station wagon would. Anyone know where/who built it? Thanks
  2. Are radio antenna cables for a non-power antenna difficult to find? Mine has been taped together and doesn't work. I find a lot of replacement antennas but want to keep my original one. You'd think they would be easy to find a new one but I am striking out.
  3. My cousin has a 1962 Oldsmobile convertible that had 8.50 X 14" wsw tires originally. Now he is driving on P225/75 R14" that is the correct conversion size. Only problem is that the tires are 14 - 15 years old! The radials on my Mustang went flat after 13 years causing about $500 damage to the fender not to mention the wiring ripped out as the steel belt whipped around. Now we can't find a P225/75 R14 narrow wsw tire anywhere - even Coker doesn't supply them anymore. What has anyone else done to change to a radial narrow wsw with a bias ply size of 8.50 X 14"? What other sizes are compatible? When I bought new radials for the Mustang I could pick from a 185 to a 210 without hitting into the fender or the suspension. I settled on a P205 that work just great but I don't know the different sizes for a 1962 Olds with an 8.50 X 14" size. Somebody out there must have run into the same problem and has a fix. Bill Krieger
  4. Maybe this has been beaten to death in other posts but I haven't seen the thread. The rules state that "headlights should be of the period and matching" Does "matching" mean ALL headlights or, on four headlight cars, only the two low/high beam ones and the two high beam ones need to match in pairs? The rule book doesn't mention four headlight cars. I'd think that only the two need to match because at the factory the different headlights have different part numbers and therefore could have been different manufacturers or even if it was the same manufacturer, the light could have a different logo. Is there another post about this? Thanks, Bill Krieger
  5. I judged in Puenta Gorda in 2001 and it was a beautiful spot. Hope everyone came through this hurricane in good shape. Bill Krieger
  6. I hate to be a whiner, but the newsletter had only one crummy article. Isn't there more we could have said about judging in the last three months? Also what about the judges who had milestones in 2002 below 100? Look at the empty air in the page and, if necessary, use a smaller typeset. Nothing stokes interest or pride than seeing your name in print IMHO. Bill Krieger
  7. My cousin just bought a 1962 98 Oldsmobile ragtop and it has "mag" style wheels on it that he wants to dump. What years and makes of GM wheels can he use on this car? The tires on it were 8.50 X 14 and they had those "flipper" type hubcaps that he wants to install on the car again. I think those "flipper" hubcaps had clips that fastened to the rim.
  8. One other thing about renting your car to get a cash reward, my insurance co. - Hagerty told me in no way would I be allowed to take money or gifts to show my car. I had the oppertunity to have the car in a static display for a weekend at a new shopping center and I called the insurance co. to make sure I was covered - I was told I was not covered.
  9. Have you tried Ssnake-Oyl? They refurbish Mustang belts and did a nice job on mine. Their number is: 903/526-4500 or on the web @ <A HREF="http://www.ssnake-oyl.com" TARGET=_blank>www.ssnake-oyl.com</A>
  10. Okay, but what about mid-fifties cars? I did chassis at a recent show and the cars had a variety of caps (metal and plastic). We were going to deduct, but since the rule book has nothing to say about later caps and none were the "Red Crown" or other Warshawsky-style I decided not to deduct any points. One style I think is wrong were the valve stem remover wrench style. I don't recall ever seeing those from the factory but again, if the rule book isn't more specific and I don't know for sure, I won't deduct.
  11. Are you sure it is vapor lock? Does it only happen when the temperature is high?
  12. Thanks for the information. I will pass that on to him. Now I remember Old Cars Weekly had an article on the 20,000,000th (i think) Ford built and they checked the no. by checking the frame.
  13. hipogt

    1969 Ford Mustang

    Mitzi, we need more information such as the body style of the Mustang (is it a convertible, fastback of hardtop). Also the engine (six or V-8), transmission and general condition of the car. Theprices could range from a low of $600 to a high of $50,000. Also if you could give us the contents of the VIN plate (on the driver's door) this would help to figure ot the engine size and options on the car at the factory.
  14. A friend of mine has this Model A frame and he would like to identify the year. His description is as follows: It has thin wishbone springs on the rear axle and the emergency brake bracket is on the right side of the frame, outside. What other information would he need to supply to identify the year?
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