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  1. Thanks avgwarhawk, that is good info. So you can mount anywhere to the floor board. There is no special beefed up spots. correct?
  2. Thinking of adding seatbelts to my 60 Invicta coupe. How hard is it to do this? Any suggestions for a source for seatbelts? Not worried about originality but red seatbelts would be nice.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will pass it on.
  4. A friend of mine is planning on doing a restomod of a 65 special convertible. He needs a new floor pan as the existing is rusted badly. Does anyone know where one can be bought? Does a chevelle pan work? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I think what I will do is drive the Utah car as is. After I retire, maybe 6-10 years from now, I'll start seriously restoring my old car. Plan to do most of it my self except the paint. It will never be a show car, but it will be nice. When I start to part out the cars, I'll let you know. The white coupe is very rusty and body wise there is nothing left. I think the old lady must have left it parked on a busy street where it would get sprayed with the salt. i put seat covers on the beige interior of the custom coupe back in '75 and have never had them off since. The leather was cracked back then. When I start ripping into this I'll post pictures. Originally when I bought the car from Utah, I was thinking to strip my custom coupe and turn the Utah car into a custom coupe. Financially, that would probably make the most sense, even though I could not sell it as an original. However, I probably wouldn't sell it anyway. Of course, I would sell all 4 cars for a crazy offer, but who wouldn't. Thanks again for the replies. I am located in New Ulm, MN.
  6. Pete, it is a two door sedan with around 30k original miles. Bought it from a little old lady in St. Paul. It is very very rusty. It ran very well when parked but has not been driven for 20 years. Automatic. High efficiency 2 barrel option.
  7. Pete, Those are all good questions and kind of why I posted so I can clarify my own thoughts. i'm guessing to do my old original car would be $30-$50k. I saw an Invicta Sport coupe sell in Chicago at Mecum a year ago in the mid 30's. Therefore, restoring my old car does not make financial sense, only emotional. Of course, few cars make financial sense. While having a completely original car would be really nice, I don't see the time or the money to do that. So I am probably looking at doing a very very nice driver which is almost where my Idaho car is. But I sure would like the buckets and console along with the chrome fender trim from my original coupe. But then, would be a real shame to part out an original coupe. I've attached a picture of my original coupe. The red colorado shell and the white coupe can be seen in the background.
  8. Looking for some constructive thoughts about what to do. Back in '75 my dad and I pulled a 1960 Invicta Custom hardtop coupe out of the junkyard. It was Tahiti Beige with a beige interior. My dad and I did a amateur restoration on it. We painted it Tampico red not worrying about correct colors as it was 1975 and the car was only an old car. The car is a minnesota car so it had a lot of rust on the lower half meaning lots of bondo. I drove it for 4 years and then parked it and it hasn't moved since. It has been stored in a barn like structure with a dirt floor. Fast forward to 1995 and I started thinking of restoring it again, only this time professionally. I bought a rust free Colorado 1960 lesabre hardtop coupe (Tampico Red) shell with out the engine but otherwise mostly there with all the A/C parts too. I also found a 30k mile lesabre coupe that was completely rust out but had an intact almost perfect red interior. My plan was to turn these three cars into a single Invicta Custom coupe. But work and other interests got in the way and everything sat in storage. Fast forward to 2010. My bodyshop man calls me and tells me he has time to do my car. At the very same time I found an Invicta Coupe in Idaho that is completely rust free, no rust ever, that is a very good driver quality that I bought very reasonable. It is red although I'm not sure if it is factory correct red. Interior is red/white vinyl that does not match the factory, but it is very very good. Sorry for being so long winded, but here is the bottom line. I will be losing my storage in about a year, so it is time to make some decisions. I think I have the following options. 1. Strip all of the older cars and turn the Idaho car in to a custom coupe and sell the leftover cars and parts 2. Go back to my original idea and restore my original Invicta custom coupe and either keep or sell the Idaho car as is. 3. Sell my original 3 cars and drive the Idaho car as is. (cheapest option) I've got a dealer that wants to buy all of the cars and sell them to European buyers. If I was to restore the original custom coupe, should I restore to factory beige or redo it red. (Not many have their original high school car.)
  9. What do you have for trade? Looking for wheel well trim for a coupe.
  10. Hey Bob, good to see you still have that car. One of the nice things about it is it has alot of options. Fiber optics, speed minder, chrome trim, small consil (sp), and parade boot. Loved that car and would buy it back if I would have room for it. Bump for ya.
  11. Thanks for the good info.
  12. Last year I bought a '60 Invicta with the original 401. The previous owner replaced the carter with an new edelbrock. the problem is that there is no linkage to the transmission kick down. Is there linkage available for this or should I rebuild a carter afb I have on a '60 parts car? Thanks,
  13. It would be great to see pics of your cars sometime. do you have them posted somewhere? I too have a '60 custom coupe.
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