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  1. Thanks Gene I'll let him know. Brian
  2. Thanks Loren! We thought we might try something like that and it is good to know it can be done! My friends 66, has bumpers on it now, dash in and he is working on the console. Hope he is driving it before the good weather is gone
  3. 16 years ago.... Well I did find out option totals for my car from Sloan Museum. Of the 6 years of production they had 4 Domestic and Export car reports for the Buick H body. Missing 78 & 79. 1,887 Skyhawk's for 1977 received the option DL1 (Hawk Accent Stripe Package). 525 were in the color black like mine. Now if somebody out there could help with an odd option shown on the report for a 1977 Skyhawk. RPO L77 (350 V8 4bbl engine)? I would guess if they documented that engine then one was made with it. Really not a stretch since all the brackets would of worked. Probably didn't have A/C. But I need ideas for researching this thing. I've exhausted about every avenue. http://monza.homestead.com/L77.html
  4. Hey Loren seeing this pic my friends has the same burned up thin connection. What is a good repair for this problem? Thanks, Brian
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