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  1. Actually I have one, if no one helped you by now
  2. OK, thanks. I checked the ALDL-cover, it was firm atached. Do you know common faults with the CRTC, are the some condensators to be replaced?
  3. Thank for your advises. Sorry, its B335 not B355. The ALDL ist covered, but I will use some contact spray. Maybe it helps... @ Dave: I don't think so, it's only the climate which is not responding, all others like radio, gauges, options, summary are working well. The CRTC is the small attached module on the right side of the CRT, right? You don't think, it could be related to the climate control modul itself?
  4. Hi Ronnie, of course. I start the car, so does the CRT. After ten minutes the climate window on the CRT just freezes. No touch button reacts. All other windows are working properly, in "summary" you cannot change the temperature. The IPC shows "electrical problem". After 20 minutes or so, the climate control reacts again and you can also enter the service menu. Sometimes later it freezes again. No error code is shown, just B355 History.
  5. Zero replies... So, maybe this will help: It crashes regularely but after 20 minutes or so it comes back. Then you can also look at the codes saying "loss of CRTC-DATA" (History)...
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum and own a 1988 blue Coupé in Germany. Some problems here and there, but generally the car is just great. I do have a problem with the climate control. Almost every time after ten minutes drive it just crashes. No function of any button an the CRT (but just the climate menu; radio, options, etc. are running fine). The dashboard says electrical problem. When I look at the error codes, nothing abut the climate is shown. Sometimes it crashes and I don't even get to the service menu. Sometimes after half an hour everything is fine again, sometimes it stays crashed until the end of the ride. Any help would be appreciated.
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