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  1. The later ones have a secondary port were a vertical air intake could be mounted (although I have not yet seen a wiper actually configured that way) The cover screw heads are smaller than on the early wipers
  2. There are also some generic differences to the top lid part of the wipers : The early ones has a single air intake, and the cover screw heads are "fatter" than on the later wipers The early wipers were known to have either plain or waffle pattern top surface
  3. Here is a photo of the later type wiper mechanism, as we see, it is quite different. These wipers had a shallow push-on front cover without screws for fastening.
  4. By the way - the lower end of the spring should be attached to the lower end of the "kicker" arm
  5. Here is a photo of the early thirties mechanism. These wipers had a deep front cover fastened with two #3-48 screws
  6. From what I can see, the parts in the picture is a mixture of parts for the first generation early thirties wipers and the later type
  7. If we can find the Chassis number, we are hoping to prove that the frame are the remains of this car :
  8. I guess this is the one featured on Wayne Carini's chasing classic cars ?
  9. Hi, We are trying to match the frame in the photo to a formerly known and originally documented car. The car is a 1929 Minerva type AN (The small two-litre six) Can anybody tell us where to locate the chassis number on the frame for the 1929 Minerva AN, and whether it should for this model be stamped into the frame member or stamped on a badge affixed to the frame. I hope to have responses from people in the know about these cars in particular.
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