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  1. Thank you for the information. Hard to tell with half the car in the photo, but a few details suggest it is a 32DM. My DM I was told may? have been an ambulance staff car at Southport Qld. back in its day. The person I bought it from lived in Burpengary Qld. Appreciate your interest and any further knowledge about it.
  2. Yes, several differences. Recent literature I have found suggests that the 32 frame from Detroit, exported to Canada, fitted with the 4cycl. Then exported the Aust. where a TJ Richards coach frame and body was assembled in Adelaide, South Australia. Also the article states that there where only 16 examples produced and they were the last 4cycl. Dodges produced in North America.
  3. Thanks again, all info appreciated. Great photo!
  4. Thank you for all your information, very helpful. I purchased the sedan from a lady nearly 20 yrs ago, 2002. Her husband was about to restore it, then he passed away suddenly. When I bought it, with it came his loose, but dedicated notes and a 'piled file' of other Dodge owner details: Some photos, names for DM car owners across Australia (most different body types) and wrecked & spare parts contacts etc. I have only just now, started to dig back into and look more carefully at it. His wife at the time, mentioned stories of other cars.. Your story of the NZ 32DM trigged my 'vague' memory.. NZ cars were in that conversation in 2002. I have pulled to share from the file, photo 1 dated 1977. By joining some dots, fingers crossed I believe it to be my now 32DM Dodge Four sedan at a NSW rally, original owner name on back as P. Goudie. A newspaper clipping is photo 2 from a NSW Aust festival (1970). A 27 Tourer next to a 32DM sedan, quite interesting. But now, found at the end of the file is a photo,(photo 3) around the year 2000? ..Checking on the back is written the owners name & address, from Christchurch, NZ...The number plate may be the clue 'DM 1932'? Could it possibly be, the 'survivor' car?...I leave it to your memory now, sorry about that! Cars...Always a jigsaw puzzle, history and even more so building them. Plus great fun of course...or a 'disease' ? On a side note, would very much like to make a trip NZ to do some car events/swaps, sooner rather than later...interested in searching over there for something completely different.. A '56-60 Hillman Husky'.. Cheers Dave Posted yesterday at 09:52 AM There used to be a very original '32 DM sedan that appeared at local events here in NZ many years ago. I heard a story that the owner had two of them and wrecked one to ensure that the remaining was really the 'only one' here. Since the owner passed away, quite a few years ago now, I don't know what has happened to it. I don't have a photo of it unfortunately. The story in The Standard Catalog says the DM was a PB Plymouth with Dodge body and 'trim'. Apparently 1173 built in the US and 16 in Windsor, Canada, all for export. Whether the NZ was ex Canada or the US I don't know. Also unknown is whether it was wood or steel body.
  5. Unfortunately, not the convertible you speak of. It is a DM Four Sedan. The body, had a timber frame, now steeled. Have recently spoke to a Dodge guy who has a few..33,34 and a 31. His 31 is all originally steel bodied. So maybe the timber frame was surplus from previous models to use up economically in the four, for export 32'cars? It is 1 of 1173 models for export, according to specs.
  6. Thank you for your information, I will look into Bishko Books. I do have some history of this car. Exported to Australia and registered in Queensland in its early life as a staff car for the Medical and Ambulance services. Looking forward to progressing with more the work on it soon.
  7. Thank you for your information. This 32 DM has the x frame and is a four. I have seen the printed 1933 lubrication chart for the PB Plymouth 32 model with the x frame, so maybe it is a match.
  8. Hi all, Forgive me, I have to retrieve some photos (which I will post later) from 20yrs ago and some more recent of this 1932 DM Dodge sedan, (90% restored) in my workshop. After reading info and cross matching dates and models, my understanding is that a diagram of a 1932 Dodge DM frame was unavailable in the shop manuals/literature of the time. Maybe because it was the export model DM, to Canada/Australia/S.A. etc. I read that Chrysler, possibly used the same frame as a 1931 Plymouth PA model, and fitted it with Dodge running gear. Any further details anyone has with the 31/32 frame picture with specs is appreciated. Thanks Dave
  9. Thanks Guys...looking forward to getting out and about in the 'big baby' to asap. And thanks for the event details. Just gotta tinker with everything..But my first encounter with a Buick was 30 years ago in Snyder, Texas. 38' Convertible & one crazy owner, my mate Art..Who to this day @ 88 is still in love with his fleet of mostly post war cars...but gets time to kick over his original A model just to mix things up👍Dave
  10. Greetings from Australia..I'm Dave, my first post and new to these type of forums but I have been involved in antique (or vintage cars here) and classic cars, for nearly 40 years.. From 28,32 Dodges & 37,38 Chev sedans, 67 impala, early and late ford trucks 40, 46 jailbars, 69, 71 ford pickups..loads in between.. can't remember them all! Just love fixing or playing around with them. A few snapshots of the 1960 Buick Electra 225 which is taking up premium real estate in my workshop.. I'm a heavy transport diesel mechanic now, but started turning spanner on all sorts of automobiles. I have recently overhauled mechanically, the Buick and has just hit the road! All good so far. A pleasure to drive, but just ironing out a few hiccups. So a question, for anyone who may like to share the knowledge to assist? It would be very much appreciated. Chasing to buy a new interior headlining in the brushed cloth material, grey or taupe in color and it is the one to suit 7 bows. Also need LH Rear alloy fender trim, end piece. Many thanks & Cheers Dave
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