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  1. Thanks Guys...looking forward to getting out and about in the 'big baby' to asap. And thanks for the event details. Just gotta tinker with everything..But my first encounter with a Buick was 30 years ago in Snyder, Texas. 38' Convertible & one crazy owner, my mate Art..Who to this day @ 88 is still in love with his fleet of mostly post war cars...but gets time to kick over his original A model just to mix things up👍Dave
  2. Greetings from Australia..I'm Dave, my first post and new to these type of forums but I have been involved in antique (or vintage cars here) and classic cars, for nearly 40 years.. From 28,32 Dodges & 37,38 Chev sedans, 67 impala, early and late ford trucks 40, 46 jailbars, 69, 71 ford pickups..loads in between.. can't remember them all! Just love fixing or playing around with them. A few snapshots of the 1960 Buick Electra 225 which is taking up premium real estate in my workshop.. I'm a heavy transport diesel mechanic now, but started turning spanner on all sorts of automobile
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