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  1. UPDATE: Drove the car around the neighborhood yesterday for about 20 minutes. Started great, ran like a champ, idled like a sewing machine. Wife went to go take for a spin today; would not start. She told me, I went to go start it. Turns over fine, not firing at all. I pull a spark plug and tell her to turn it over. NO SPARK. WTF!?!. Did a quick inventory of wire connections, dist cap, point gap, etc. Was running like a top when I pulled it into garage yesterday. Today, nothing... Condenser? Coil? I'm beyond pissed to even look further today.... If it were my decision, I would
  2. Yes, '32 PA. I got it running tonight. New plugs & wires. New distributor ground wire. Strong spark now. Plugged vacuum leak at intake manifold tee for windshield wiper vacuum. One shot of starting fluid and off to the races. Craig is going to hook me up with some spares. Hope to get another 89 years out of her....
  3. That's for the replies. I just left a message for Craig Mobile Parts. I already made a new set of wires; the existing ones were terrible, not sure how it ever ran..... Installed new plugs. There appears to be some sort of ground wire attached to the side of the distributor to the engine block that is half-fried/chewed-up, so going to clean that up. Making progress....
  4. I'm pretty sure it's weak/no spark. My father was a diesel mechanic and I've rebuilt a few engines, so I'm not 100% illiterate. It was running last year, although getting harder to start after sitting for a while. I hit it with the starting fluid, but it has not fired one time. Coil has 6V in. Getting some spark at plug after cleaning everything. Spark plugs were pretty grimy, so sand-blasted. The plug wires are pretty loosey-goosey, as with most other connections, so even if that is not 100% my current issue, I want to replace all and start fresh. The point actually look pretty good
  5. Inherited car from mom. Car sat all winter. Ran OK when it was parked, now will not start. Was not getting any spark at first. I have cleaned-up all the electrical connections and now have some spark at plug, but still won't start, even with starting fluid. Never fires. So I am going to give it a tune-up. Wires/cap/points/condenser/plugs etc. Everything is pretty old/crusty/dirty. I hate to go down to Auto-Zone and ask the kid for cap/rotor/points for my car, because you never know what you'll get. Anyone have a better place to source parts? I don't want to go to the store 12 times
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