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  1. Thank you Ed. Great info. Good to hear they’re pretty basic
  2. Greetings- My name is Thomas and I just joined the group as I am looking into buying a 49-51 Pontiac Chieftain. This would be my first classic car and regrettably, I don't know a ton about cars. Besides oil changes, brake pads and other little fixes back in the 80s, I haven’t done to much. Looking forward to learning as I go, but I am definitely looking for a driver. I am looking for some advice because, I'm a little overwhelmed by the process of going through the car when I find it. Any advice/information on what to look for on this model would be greatly appreciated. From what I’ve seen in these forums so far has already been a big help. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. I should also probably mention that my budget is on the low side. Under 7k Thank you in advance. Thomas