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  1. Thank you Art. I saw pictures of Chevrolet truck engines of that year painted in green. Do you know the code or what kind of green is it? I will ask the guys at the Filling Station also. Cheers.
  2. Good evening friends, Does anyone know what was the original factory colors of this 1928 Chevrolet truck engine I am restoring? Thank you!!!
  3. We did. No luck yet. Thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Dear friends, Yesterday my trailer was stolen in Southern California containing six machined and restored T-head cylinders, pistons, rods, valves and other parts from a Seagrave motor. If you know of anyone trying to sell these parts, please get the contact information from the seller and let me know because they are stolen and it was reported to the police. I offer a 1,000 dollars reward to the person that helps me locate the parts. These parts belong to a 1922 Seagrave firetruck that I have been trying to restore for years and now I am back to less than
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