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  1. Hi there, maybe you remember the Seagrave 1919 speedster project? Well....it is so far barreling down the road. I need some help with my F6 T head engine: Does anybody know a supplier for 6 connecting rods? Here some footage with Unicorn Invictus : http://unicorninvictus.hönack.com
  2. Also looking for 6 connecting rods for f6 seagrave motor. Who manufactures them?
  3. Trying to complete my Seagrave F6 Thead engines history. Anybody knows when Seagrave started production of this 1013 cci engine? Somewher read it was 1910.
  4. How is it going with your project? Fortunately I had the chance to finish mine. Spend wonderful moments on the road now. Please keep usposted with your improvements.
  5. Another link showing the speedster on the Queretaro Mx race track with pure sound of the Seagrave F6 T Head engine
  6. Here the T6 T head engine test run, thunder and fire in a mesmerizing orchestra
  7. Here a link to a video about the speedster metamorphosis. I hope you enjoy it: https://youtu.be/KVlB7dOnk8M
  8. Lately I have been thinking the same. One good project takes years. Mine 7 since I started watching a mesmerizing video about big engine speedsters. Since few days it is mecanically finished. Track tests concluded and my wife happy that from now on I come into the living room without a gas perfumed black greased face. I am delighted to have decided to build a speedster. Am 60 and will take care of it for a hopefully long time. I would not start another project of this size... unless....oh, never mind.... Be safe and enjoy while we can. Life flies by!!
  9. Remember to visit facebook and watch some videos: @seagrave1929 @unicorninvictus
  10. october 2020. It is done!! Unicorn Invictus made its first test on the Queretaro race track in México 83 km and a max speed of 100 km/h. It is exiting to see it run after 3 years and 3000 hoyurs of passionate designing and work.
  11. April 2020, time goes and improvements fill the records. Up to today I have rebuilt the speedster and will to running tests in the next weeks. It has been a wonderful job with lots of exiting adventures. Here some pics
  12. Time is short nowdays and trying to invest every free minute in the speedster. Wheels will be cast aluminum and hope they will run. Engine will be ready for kickstart in february,
  13. About repositioning the engine and steering shaft.
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