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  1. Great information @2carb40, I will check with that information. Thanks!
  2. The title shows engine number BE-124050. It is a number that have no sense.
  3. You are right @pont35cpe, this is a replacement engine, maybe that´s why it has no numbers stamped.
  4. The side Mount should be like the one in the drawing? Tomorrow I will look in detail, but I think not side mounts on mine.
  5. Thanks, I will look where you suggest. It is possible the block is a later replacement.
  6. It has 121" wheelbase, single carburator, so it should be a 40 B. There is no way to know the original engine number an "VIN" with the Body 5066 data? There is no number on the block so I think it is a replacement block.
  7. Can somebody help me identify this Buick? It is supposed to be a 42 Super 40 B, but there is no chasis number Tag and the factory plate is broken. The only thing readable in the part of the plate left is: Body 5066 TRIM Nº 50 OKR PAINT Nº 28 The car is in very bad shape, but the engine and chasis looks very good.
  8. Yes! Thanks @Craig Gillingham , I could never have found out.
  9. Not Europe or North America, it was taken in Santiago, Chile.
  10. Hello, a friend of mine is trying to figure what car is the one in the photograph that belonged to his grandfather circa 1930. Thanks!
  11. Thanks dpcdfan. I have sourced one that seems to be in very good condition. I will get back to you if that one fails.
  12. Yes, a model 72 would be perfect. Please give me datails. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I'm lookin for a 1929 Chrysler model 75 engine or engine block. I could use a Chrysler 77 engine too. Thanks!
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