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  1. OK back on topic. I'm wondering if people have seen a Round Door Rolls Royce, very rare.
  2. Just imagine how many hours went into that interior. There is this sort of joke about Rolls Royce. An interviewer was asking the head of production how fast the line moves at Rolls Royce, saying that at Ford the line moves so that a car is made once a minute. The Rolls head of production said, Let's see, I think the line moved last Thursday.
  3. Here is from a Rolls Royce tour through England. They don't make them like they used to.
  4. Mark Wetherbee, I thought I would clear up your photo a bit. I could not get it much better than that.
  5. This pretty well covers this car. I will turn to another car for your entertainment. Stay tuned to this channel for more exciting episodes of Ice Road Trucker, wait that's not right, Gas monkey Garage, no that's not it, Michael-Restomod's Frugal Repairs. To finish this car, some paint. Some house carpet. Degreasing and painting the engine. And another old car is back onto the road, It's Alive! I hope you have enjoyed this series. Stay tuned for our up and coming episodes. I am not an Animal, I am a human being! (Ok I watched too many old movies when I was younger. It's Alive, is of course Frankenstein.)
  6. Jack M, I totally agree with you, but right now I am trying to scrape up $3200 for a sewer tap if they finally agree to allow one. And being able to poop is higher on my list.
  7. As best as I could find this would be a walk through a Futurliner. .
  8. Just in case there are those that do not know what a Futurliner is, here is a picture. The only problem with a Futurliner is there are no windows for the passengers. .
  9. Jeff Perkins, I'm pretty sure you have seen my BBQ high temp gauge (thermometer) on my Rolls Royce for my horn button (I had to put something there for now to pass inspection, and I really can't afford the $350 original horn button). A clock on the steering wheel makes for a much more acceptable item, and no doubt something originally there. Although the temp gauge starts at 100 degrees I'm sure it will at times down here in Texas show the true temp in the summer (where it is 100+ degrees the whole summer), especially with the windows rolled up and parked in the sun. 1956 Desoto Fireflite
  10. Success (kind of). So the good news is I got the pieces of the pin out, the bad news is if these are pot metal not sure they are good anymore, to weld back into place. The moral of this story is if all else fails get violent (with a grinder, hammer and a punch).
  11. Robert Street: Ella must have learned from a truck driver, their motto is clutches are only for starting and stopping. Good motto for those with short legs too.
  12. Matt Harwood I feel if you give someone a big enough parking lot they are bound to learn to drive. (No clutch?) And if Riley is only 9 years old I'm betting he is destined to be a football player. STEVE POLLARD it looks like your son has found his bliss behind the wheel driving in his dream, as I did so long ago.
  13. Most rearview mirrors do not stand the test of time, the silver coating (as all silver does) becomes tarnished. Because this mirror cannot be opened to replace the mirror, I made one to fit. Then if you paint a black rim around the mirror and the sides, and use urethane or silicon to attach it to the old mirror, most people will not notice. First I put paper on the mirror and traced the outline with a pin an cut that out. And cut some bathroom mirror to the same width and height. Then cut the curved pieces by carefully scribing straight lines around the curves and break with flat wide pliers. Then I carefully used the grinder to shape it, then used sandpaper to fine shape it and smooth it. (One mirror broke during this process and I had to start over.) Here is the Thunderbird mirror I made by the same method, with the black paint rim it is hard to notice (and no scribbly edge). .
  14. What wonderful pictures so far keep them coming ! (If I did not click the like button on your picture, it is only because I have to stop myself or I would click them all.)
  15. Jack M yeah I don't have a oxy acetylene setup yet, that's next on my wish list. First dirt, slab, 3 bay garage with kitchenette and utility taps.
  16. Jeff Perkins, I seem to remember that there was a law at one time, that cars had to have cow bells on them to warn I think horses? I did not notice in the other post of the flame car, it has a flat, someone gave the kid a bum ride.
  17. Ok so I admit I am jealous of victorialynn2 at the time of this post having 7666 views and 186 posts. And having spurred "So Many" neat pictures. So here is a cute picture of a kid in an oldish car. ( I have no pictures left after a house accident, so I have none to offer myself.) So many hours I found myself doing that same thing in my mother's VW beetle, and then I learned to drive it at around age 10. .
  18. The nightmare door panels. Here is how I made cardboard templates for the particle board door panels. (But at least this car had panels, my 1957 Chevy has no panels and I will have to just wing it. I will use the same method on it as well.) First I used newspapers to get the general shape of the door panel to transfer to the cardboard and cut the cardboard out. Plus I tried to line up the holes and things onto the cardboard. Checking the fit. Getting everything lined up on the cardboard. Then transferring this cardboard template to the particle board. And using adhesive to attach the vinyl. And when you are done it should look like this.
  19. To each his own, but to me patina is cancer, it needs to be cut out. If you clear coat it, you still have rust under your clear coat. Do we paint over rust? Not me. And to make a wrap of rust, I'll just say, not in my garage. I like fresh shinny paint. Maybe I should have just clear coated all this beautiful rust. (And note no big holes in it, it is a Texas car, we don't allow rust in Texas.) .
  20. Giggle, die you sucker die! The only thing is I ran out of propane, I have a big RV tank full, but no adapter to get it into the small bottles. But I feel the same way at this point there is not much to lose. (As said in Treasure Island, for these pins: Them that die'll be the lucky ones.) Bob and Mark here is a better picture of the hinges and pin pieces. .
  21. The pin is broken in 3 pieces. It is not worn, it is only close by so that they fit into the vinegar. I have beat it with a punch until the ends are splayed out making it worse. I think the only thing to do at this point is to take it to a machine shop and have it pressed out or buy a new set of pin and hinge. Also I thought of using a dremel tool, very thin grinder and cutting the side of the hinges to open it up, and if I get the pins out then weld the hinges back together. .
  22. Anyone know how to get the door pins out of a 1957 Chevy upper back hinge, that has been welded together with rust? Here I am using vinegar to try to eat the rust out. I have hit it until it made things worse, heated it, nothing will budge them. My drill bits do nothing but spin on them.
  23. With my car it was long past it even being gooey, mine was just varnish. All I could do is throw some rocks and bolts into the tank and shake it until there was just powder left. Then I took it to a car wash and sprayed hot soapy water into it then rinse.
  24. I said in the first post that the Imperial had an option of having a 45 record player. Here is a picture. I have no idea how it did not skip on every bump you hit. The Imperial is the only car I have seen with one. And they had an AM/FM radio, not sure they even had any stations on FM at the time (here in Texas). And a phone. .