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  1. FYI: The plates on this car were on it when I got it.............they came back to a Ford pick up. They are in good shape though, and I was thinking of using them on a 63 Galaxie 500 XL Conv. that we're doing.
  2. Hahaha, those are off my 69 Riviera, but they do kinda look right for that older car. What you said about outer mirrors sounds right
  3. Yes, the car was built in Ionia michigan by the Mitchell Bentley corp. The I.D. tag on the "A" pillar designates the Arlington Texas plant. The only known paper work that materialized through an extensive search was an "R.O." That had to be the request order from Arlington. I know this car was "taken" (stolen) from the Arlington plant and that's where the mileage came from. What I don't know is: What does this weird star mean? Why was the car just sitting there? Why did it never have outside mirrors? What else does this car have or is missing, that others have? The mirror thing is what tells me that the car wasn't going to a dealership, because even back then you had to have at least one mirror. I'm not an expert on these cars, but you guys are
  4. Your point is well taken and thanks for the interest. If you find out what the die cut star on the ID tag means let me know. I have a feeling this car was not meant for dealer sale, which would explain why it was sitting at the Arlington Plant when it was "acquired". When it sells I'm sure it will be to the right person. In the meantime we are looking forward to getting it road worthy.
  5. Well, the pics were under "about" on my profile, but now there right where they should be..........................told ya'll I was "techno challenged" !
  6. posted pics this morning. The areas that you mentioned wouldn't apply to this car, as those would be road issues. This car hasn't been on the road.
  7. Ordinarily I would agree Larry, but as I said, I do this for a living. Also, this particular car (in my opinion) does not need a full restoration, especially "trim". Whoever buys this car can do whatever they want with it, but I think taking this car apart would totally destroy the's only original once! Section in floor, replace missing hubcaps, replace r.r. glass, make upholstery exactly as it was, and that's it.
  8. If you only knew how "technology challenged" I am!!! Trust me, it took all I had to find this site and post this ad......LOL! Monday (tomorrow) I will get my trusty office mgr to assist in getting you guys your pics. I have got a few interested messages about the car, and dollar figure is the primary question. I'm not meaning to sound "sketchy", but I am quite aware that this car is extremely rare. I really want to see what ya'll are willing to pay or trade. I don't have time for any more projects, so I'd like to trade for something done. Muscle cars are my real love.....Chrysler products, GM, Chevelles, GTO's, Road Runners, etc. big blocks and four speeds........:)
  9. 1958 Buick Century Caballero. This car has 419 miles on it and they are original. Unfortunately, the car sat outside for a few of the years that it has been sleeping. During that time the right rear side glass got broken out and the interior (that had never been sat in, and with the plastic covering) deteriorated. It is all still there and has not been touched. The drivetrain is intact and 100% original (including the air filter and oil filter that do not even need to be changed). The car comes with a pretty bizarre back story, but am apprehensive about stating it here. Presently, the engine is soaking (but was fired up 8 years ago). This car has been garage kept for the last 15 -20 years, and was barn kept for the first 20 years, but between, sat outside. I own a shop that is fully capable of restoring this car, although I personally would not. If I didn't have as many projects as I do, I would replace the floor and reupholster it, and be done with it. This car needs to go to someone who is serious and that's how I found and joined this site (instead of craigslist or ebay). I can text pics to the right person when that time comes. It's located in Canyon Lake, Texas USA I'm not "giving the car away", so serious offers only, which could include trade / partial trade. Rick (830) 358-6121