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  1. Model A Ford, they never die, they just fade away.
  2. My Chieftain is a 1952, straight-8 U.S. car...it has a nice suspension; quite a smooth ride. Switched out the hood ornament from a chrome to a lighted lucite type.
  3. Thanks for the photo, that pointer is missing on my Chieftain, nothing but the bolt holes are there.....
  4. That makes a lot of sense, especially since my hearing is not so good now. Thank you for the tip!
  5. I just assumed Pontiac put a pointer in front as well as the window near the starter on the flywheel case. I just don't know, I couldn't find any literature or service manual picture about it.
  6. O.K., Thank you for the information...That is very helpful as I believe my timing by ear is off....
  7. Thanks! It is missing then on my machine. I did find the hole where it should have been bolted to I believe at about 2 o'clock if one stood facing the engine. Steve
  8. Looking for the timing pointer or window on my '52 Pontiac Chieftain 268.2 cu. in. straight eight. No luck so far, am wondering if a previous owner removed the pointer and never replaced it?
  9. I am trying to find the timing hole or pointer on my 1952 Pontiac Chieftain 268.2 cu in straight eight. Could anyone tell me the approximate location? Thanks!
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