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  1. Thank you 1953mack, I was able to buy the hose you recommended at a local auto parts store(surprised me). It has a little larger OD than my previous internet purchases. It should do fine. Now I am curious about that Black Jack chewing gum. I may find other uses for it around the shop.
  2. Hello, I am looking for windshield wiper vacuum hose to for my 1953 Buick Super. The wiper control and washer fluid jar lid all have 3/16" nipples or .185 SD. From 3 sources I have purchased hoses in .185 ID, but the outside dimensions have been small and the fit is loose through the grommet. The look is odd compared to other mid 50s Buicks . Would someone be able to tell me a good source for proper fit windshield wiper vacuum hoses for my car and what the part numbers might be. Thanks in advance, JohnV
  3. Thank you both for helping me out. I shall follow up with the paint companies you recommended. Am looking forward to trying out some rattle cans of the three colors needed by my '53 Super Estate Wagon. Yours, JohnV
  4. I have had mixed results with local, auto paint matching in my area of southern Maine. I am in process of restoring a 1953 model 50 Estate Wagon in Terrace Green with interior paint of Verde Green and Petral Gray. Is there a file of historic Buick colors translated to contemporary paint color matching? Does the Buick Club make recommendations? Too much to wish for? perhaps Perhaps a member can direct me to a reliable business in my area or regionally?. I live in Portland. Thank you or any help JohnV
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