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  1. I was told these are difficult to find, but what can it hurt to ask.
  2. Looks like the person who did the carb overhaul left the switch off. My carb is a 2197 S...is there any way of finding this switch? The carb was overhauled, mailed back to the owner 6 years ago...owner passed away with carb still sealed in box on front seat. I would really like to find the right switch. Any advice or person who might sell me one? Thank you!
  3. I bought this 56 Super...carb was off and I found these two electrical leads next to carb. It is obviously not part of factory wiring. They don’t go to coil, could they have been part of an electric choke? Any ideas?
  4. Hi! Needing a nice Steering Wheel and horn ring for my newly acquired Buick Super. It had a red one from the factory. It would be great to find a nice one. Thanks! Marty
  5. Stumbled into widow selling 56 Super. Restored in 2004, Texas Car always. 5k on overhaul of motor and transmission, PW, PS, Power antennae...everything works. Bumpers, grille and port holes redipped. New headliner, carpet and complete Upholestery. Original steering wheel in trunk...owner was big so they used a smaller wheel. Tires 6 years old...cokers. It hasn’t been started in 4 years...what might this car be worth? Vintage air was added as well. All glass perfect. Paint is nice but not ready for high end auction. I wanted to buy a 2 door but this is what I found... Thanks! Marty
  6. Something is fishy here...beautiful car nonetheless.
  7. This was tastefully done. I know there are a lot of haters when you post artistic expressions.
  8. I am hoping somebody has an excellent or NOS dash ashtray insert for sale! Thanks, Marty
  9. I have a very nice set of 4 15” Rallye wheels; 4x 4.75 mounted on white letter radials that I had on my 72 Skylark. I live in Dallas and they are 500. They have been stored indoors.
  10. I am new to this club and was hoping we could get some folks to share pictures of their Buick Centurions!
  11. If anybody has one of these for sale, I really need one for my 73 Centurion. Thanks, Marty (I live in Dallas, TX)
  12. That is it! I would love to find an 8-track box! Does anybody have one for sale? How were they mounted to the floor? My car is green with a green interior. Thanks! Marty
  13. That is it! I would love to find an 8-track box! Does anybody have one for sale? How were they mounted to the floor? Thanks! Marty
  14. I have been trying to find the floor mounted console, consolette for my 73 Buick Centurion. I see it featured in 1973 dealer ads. It looks like it mounts to the floor starting under the dash. The top looks like a roll top mechanism with fake wood grain. Does anybody have one to sell? Was it a dealer add on or did it come from the factory? Thanks, Marty
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