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  1. Fascinating how production was up and running so fast! Today all the paperwork and bureaucracy would have delayed opening for months! But this is my question and maybe someone who is still following this topic could educate me on a related topic. I am a big fan of 1954 Pontiac Star Chiefs. I have been confused and frustrated that no production records seem publicly available prior to 1955. I was told that production information prior to this fire (August 12. 1953) went up in this fire as well. I presume that light years before computers it wasn't uncommon for records to be kept at a single location (there were multiple Pontiac assembly plants so that there wasn't some backup records maintained puzzles me? ). So this leaves me wondering-if all 1954 Pontiacs had Hydramatics assembled in the replacement plant, why weren't there detailed records for 1954 (regarding model break outs--now only gross numbers about engines, transmission installed). Any thoughts on this fairly archaic subject.
  2. I have several 1954 Pontiac Star Chiefs. I love them but despair at the total lack of any model breakdown (other than the number of Chieftains built, Starchiefs buit). I understand that starting in 1955 someone at Pontiac decided to provide more detail. surely in 1954, for example, some one knew how many Catalinas and convertibles were built. It is difficult to understand the virtual dearth of any written information available--can't believe no records were maintained (how would the production folks know how many convertible tops were needed, etc) or why they were purged. Pontiac wasn't a 'Mom-Pop' grocery story--huge manufacturer with much responsibility. I'd love to know if anyone knows any production information. Google searches futile. Then there is the lack of a frame stamping.. I had to have a Colorado State Police VIN inspection and the trooper was determined there had to be a frame stamping (as Cadillac and others) on the passenger side top frame rail. But nothing on Pontiac--just the A pillar and the engine stamping boss--guess Pontiac never considered an engine swap- or didn't care. Love to hear from another with pertinent information. thanks, Harland in CO