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  1. nice car, motor rebuilt , new drive wheel , motor has been removed and crated for future use has 14h.p. Kolher in it for fun driving and daley driving . $13,000 . car is in WI. gkmiecik@new.rr.com
  2. tom your numbers you gave me don't come up. is it a 2 or 4 cylinder? Gary
  3. Anyone have Metz plan car info. I could buy copy's of? Gary
  4. Nice 80 shay , 11,000 miles , Super deluxe model , new belts , starts and runs like a top , Dove gray with black fenders , Seat moved back 4" and re-fiberglassed , Garage is to full only selling to make room for a 09 Metz . $12,000 Gary gkmiecik@new.rr.com
  5. I have the gas tank a small round one that goes under the hood. Could someone post pictures of the mag advance bracket and linkage. Also the throttle linkage mine are missing. Diane my car is #7333
  6. Got her home today she's #7333 so it must be a 09. Looked inside engine and it looks real good. It's missing some minor parts on the car but I'm wornerding if it ever ran as the hole for the crank is not cut out so you cant start it. Also there is no tap in the cyl. for the oil line. With this deep oil pan does it have a oil pump? Gary
  7. One more thing. The hood has air scoups on each side. Does that help any to date it? Gary
  8. Thanks for the info. guy's. Going to pick up the car tomarrow. Maybe some of you may have seen it at Pionner Auto Show in SD. I'll get pictures when I get home. Gary Kmiecik Marinette,WI.
  9. buying a 1908 Metz plan car , can't find the ID. number. Anyone know were it is located?
  10. Hi My name is Gary Kmiecik, I live in WI. I'm buying a 1908 Metz Plan Car. We are trying to find the ID. number with no luck. Anyone know were it may be located? Thanks for any help Gary hi
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