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  1. I am located in Canberra, Australia. I am happy to either provide anyone with the spread sheet, or add to it with additional parts, alternate manufacturers or other details for the President. My email is gfrostie@hotmail.com. I had contacted Dave Thibeault, and have since sourced the cam bearings from him. He has been a great help. Line boring for alternate bearings or re-babbiting are the 2 remaining options if we can't find the other bearings, and still looking for the timing gear set.
  2. Hello All My father has been restoring a 36 President and has run into similar issues as Gary when trying to rebuild the engine. To add to the challenge my father requires .010 undersize main bearings (or a set of the .060 or.075 undersize to line hone) and .020 undersized rod bearings. To help in his search I had started to put together a spread sheet of the parts he needed and the equivalent part numbers from other manufacturers. The above posts have confirmed some of these and added others, although I could not find different PNs for undersize McQuay or FM bearings. Not sure if t
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