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  1. I am located in Canberra, Australia. I am happy to either provide anyone with the spread sheet, or add to it with additional parts, alternate manufacturers or other details for the President. My email is I had contacted Dave Thibeault, and have since sourced the cam bearings from him. He has been a great help. Line boring for alternate bearings or re-babbiting are the 2 remaining options if we can't find the other bearings, and still looking for the timing gear set.
  2. Hello All My father has been restoring a 36 President and has run into similar issues as Gary when trying to rebuild the engine. To add to the challenge my father requires .010 undersize main bearings (or a set of the .060 or.075 undersize to line hone) and .020 undersized rod bearings. To help in his search I had started to put together a spread sheet of the parts he needed and the equivalent part numbers from other manufacturers. The above posts have confirmed some of these and added others, although I could not find different PNs for undersize McQuay or FM bearings. Not sure if this is the task you were talking about above Bob? Happy to provide anyone with this spread sheet or fix any errors if I have made a mistake. We have found some parts but I am still looking for main and rod bearings, and the timing gear set. Please let me know if anyone has any of these for sale or knows someone who may.