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  1. Do you think I may found any signs or inscriptions on the grill?
  2. Tomorrow i should get title picture. Maybe I can found there more info. Also maybe I will do some more pictures. Thank you for you help
  3. Unfortunately I don't know anything about classic cars. I didn't make the picture's of dash board, but the dash doesn't look like a Cadillac style to me. I know this years the Cadillac dash will have big clock on the dash. And this have oil pressure gauge. I dont believe in 1937 cars have oil pressure sensors. And I didnt put atention on body to much, buth I sow some work on spare wheel base from the bottom. How can I found more information about? What should I check? Thank you for reply
  4. Hi. My name is Radu and I'm new here. I know something about today's cars and nothing about classic. We found with my friend a 1937 Cadillac Phaeton with ford engine. We wanna buy and put on original engine, transmission and maybe some interior. But I can't found wich Cadillac exactly it is. Can you help me please.
  5. Hi. How much you are asking for transmission? And do you know maybe where I can found the engine also? Thank you