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  1. Ahh, understood. As it turns out there was indeed a bulb out in the rear. I didn't know that the indicator would stay solid if that was the case, thank you guys.
  2. No, to clarify, what I meant is that the green arrow pops on and then stays on until the turn signal is turned off. It does not flash like normal
  3. Hi all, I recently noticed that when I turn on the left turn signal, it will chime once and then stay on steadily and not flash or chime anymore. The right turn signal acts as it should. The exterior turn signals, both front and rear, are working fine. The same thing happens when I turn on the hazard lights-- left signal turns on and stays on, the right signal blinks and chimes like normal. Anyone dealt with this before? Reed
  4. I got a set of spares made for my 89 at the home depot near me
  5. Interesting that you posted this right now, I just saw mention of these somewhere and got the idea to make something similar by super-detailing one of the common 1:24 models... we'll see how that goes.
  6. Thanks for the pictures. I'm thinking I'll drop the tank as soon as I get a day off and try an clean things off. As an aside, that wiper looks like something that could easily be produced at home via photo etching
  7. Hey guys, I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I was wondering if anyone has a lead on where I might be able to get a fuel sender as mine currently is nonfunctional. I saw in some other threads a guy named Jim Finn might have some, but that thread is from years ago. Any help would be appreciated. As an aside, on my way out of work today, I met a guy who said he knew a guy in the area, St. Louis, who has a collection of 6 Reattas. He said his name was Kevin; anyone know him?
  8. Right so what I ended up doing was using some generic fasteners that were slightly too big for the hole, but fit into the slots on the trim, and pushed them into the holes where the clips used to be. Worked just fine, and the thing is on there secure as can be.
  9. I appreciate the offer, but unfortunately the interior is grey
  10. Hi all, A couple months ago I got an 89 for a very good price. The previous owner decided to try and install a sound system, and in doing so, pulled off a ton of the interior trim to run wires. After getting most of it back on through trial and error, I've been fiddling with the A pillar trim on the driver's side, and can't seem to figure out how its supposed to be attached. It looks like there should be some clips or something on the actual pillar itself that the trim slots into, but it looks like they're missing. I haven't been able to find any pictures of this area online, so any advic
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I think I'm going to try the riviera muffler and go for a "close enough" look, simply because it's what I can get my hands on soon and for cheaper than an OEM part. There are other, more pressing issues I need to address (namely fuel sending unit and some body work) and saving some money now would be helpful. I do appreciate you offering to sell me your OEM part though Dave.
  12. Hey guys, I just bought an 89 reatta with 107k miles yesterday, and pretty much everything looks good on it with the exception of one thing- it's got no muffler. Previous owner was going to put a cherrybomb glasspack on it, but never got around to it before going off to the army. It's not really my taste, as I want something nice and quiet. I did a little bit of googling myself, but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to what I might wanna use. As I understand it a Riviera exhaust would work, but wouldn't look correct, having only one outlet? T
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