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  1. AHHH good to know! Mine is air conditioned so I'm good there. Thank you for the tip!
  2. Hmmm well i think it borderlines on a knock.....but at least this thread is giving me some guidance and a few things to check. I remember the noise appearing to be further back closer to the rear tire, so that's why i initially didn't think it was an exhaust leak and more the resonator. But again, now that its straight piped it still there. Thanks again
  3. absolutely. wouldn't start ripping things apart too far without doing the easy stuff first...when i was going through my apprenticeship, i remember i was diagnosing a horn not working...1 hour into tracing wires, i checked the fuse. It was blown. lol.
  4. This also makes sense...ok i will have a look at the heat riser valve, and then pull the manifolds. I always worry about doing that in fear of braking off bolts. Do you have a suggestion for preventing that? Should i soak the manifold bolts in WD 40 or something similar prior to trying those bolts? Or are they usually good to get out? MY car is pretty clean so i dont think they would be rusted.
  5. Hmm that makes sense. I will pull the wires this weekend and see if i can isolate it. The problem I've ben having though, is it doesn't make the noise when i need it to lol so hopefully i can get it to duplicate, and then i can try this trick!
  6. AH thank you I will have a look and see if that is the case here!
  7. Hello! So I have recently discovered an issue with my 401. I have an intermittent ticking sound coming out of the right side exhaust pipe. I originally thought it was the resonator as it appeared to be coming from that end of the exhaust, however when i straight piped the car, the noise was still there. Its a ticking sound that gets faster with the engine speed, and seems more "throaty" at idle. Now, this does not happen all the time, and it doesn't matter if its warm or cold outside. And again, its only on the right side so I feel like it might be a sticking lifter maybe? So before i pull the covers off and start trying to diagnose a problem I can't duplicate (it never happens when i need it to) I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem, and what they found. Thanks for your help!
  8. Are the ROA meets ever closer to the Canadian border? Like in Spokane for example? I would love to drive my Riv out to one of these meets and see everyone and see all of the other Riviera's but they always seem to be really far away! I have only been a part of the ROA for approx 1-2 years now.
  9. Absolutely. I do have to post another thread asking about an engine noise i have in Kruella....my 63 Riv. I will post that shortly and maybe i can get some assistance Thanks again!
  10. @first64riv yes!!! thank you so much. that was the thread i was reading but could not find when I decided to join the forum. Thank you so much!!
  11. Wow gorgeous Riviera, i was never really a fan of them in red, but this one has the right red! And i really do appreciate your opinion but I don't want the Wildcat wheel - I want the Boss 338. I already have the Wildcats on the car that is shown in the photo above and I've ran the for 3 years already, I would like a change and the Boss 338 is a wheel I've always fancied. So, do you have any mechanical input in regards to the Boss 338?
  12. Hey Everyone! This is my first post so my apologies if i posted it in the wrong place...but i was just online doing research on the Boss 338 wheel that I would love to put on my 1963 Riviera, and I came across this site and was reading a tread about some guys putting them on their Riv and having to swap the from brakes out for discs, but then some guys said you could just use a spacer, so i decided to join this site to read everything and I couldn't find that post again....SO I was hoping that one of the guys who posted in that forum sees this and can tell me again what was needing to be done to fit the Boss 338s to their Riviera? There was a white riv with the grey boss 338 on it, and a black riv with a red pinstripe/decal on the side with chrome Ridlers i believe....I'm looking to put 18X8.5 with a 4.8" backspacing (this was what was suggested to me) but i will be lowering the car with a 2" lowering spring and shocks as air ride is WAY too much... Anyway, what was the verdict again? Can the 18X8.5" Boss 338s fit on a Riviera without any adjustments besides maybe a spacer? Thank you so much for your help....i am looking to put the Black ones with the chrome lip on my car....(1963 Riviera, i painted her two tone white and black)