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  1. Looking to restore 65 riv ralley wheels. Would like to know any recommendations on a service. Thank you Tony
  2. Tom thank you for your help good info I do have a large brass screw with spring. Never would have guessed! Tony
  3. Would any one have a picture of idle adjustment on a 65 Buick Riviera 425 rear carb thanks Tony
  4. Thanks guys for your help.Tony
  5. Thanks guys for your help. My question about thermostat removal is I fill intake so it will bleed air out of system easier. I think?
  6. Thank you. Not sure but looks like there are bolts that go thru ac bracket?
  7. Thanks so much for your help. Great info. Tony
  8. Hi I have a 1965 Buick Rivera GS and I am replacing water pump, any information on R/R would be greatly appreciated I removed belts fan and shroud.. Started to remove bolts they are coming out hard. Do I have to remove thermostat to replace fluids into intake. I ordered a pump from Napa. What gasket sealer should I use.Thank for your time Tony.
  9. Hi I am replacing water pump on 1965 Buick 425. Belts are off fan and should are removed.started to remove bolts on pump. Do I have to remove thermostat to replace fluids bolts are coming out hard. Ordered pump from NAPA. What type of gasket sealer should I use. It would be a big help for any info on this.Thank you Tony.
  10. 1963 Impala 409 air cleaner dual 4 barrel carbs Great chrome some pitting on inner ring of lid.Fits 1963 Impala Bel Air Biscayne. $675 plus shipping. Will consider offers Thanks Tony 315 559-7657
  11. Corvette is in Syracuse NY. Thanks for the nice comments.
  12. 1965 Corvette Coupe 4 spd. 327 I have owened this car for over 20 years Glen Green Goldline tires knockoff wheels side exhaust Teak steering wheel. Nice paint chrome and glass no rust frame solid. Great and dependable car. All gauges and light work. Nice interior (black) $48000 call 315 559-7657 Thanks Tony
  13. Hi new to club. Have question? What do the numbers after the X on block indicate. Thanks
  14. Looking for 1965 Buick Riviera wheels