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  1. Looking for a 1929 Erskine tail light to put on my great grandfathers Erskine. I know they are hard to find, any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Perfect, I have bearings on the way and was curious about changing out the seals to something else, I will order some of those and get em on the way. Do you still use the retainer clip on the back of the hub?
  3. Curious if you tried these seals and if they worked??
  4. Funny topic, the erskine at the Mack auction was my great grandfathers, he gave it to them in the 40s or 50s. My grandfather and I bought it back at the auction and I have started pulling it apart already and picking away at it. I have wanted this car since I was six but they would not sell it back to us, sure excited to have it back in the family
  5. Thanks Peter, that would be great, I do still need it. My email is surfclint2@hotmail.com
  6. anyone know if king pins are still available for these cars?
  7. Thanks Peter, that would be great, I do still need it. My email is surfclint2@hotmail.com
  8. Was wondering if anyone out there could help me find an igniter gearing fly wheel for a 1929 erskine with a continental six. I would even buy whole distributor if needed
  9. Oh wow that’s pretty neat, my great great grandfather also came from Quebec with his family in a box car smuggling the children as they could not afford tickets for them. They came with an ox, some lumber and built a sod house, that homestead is still in the family. My grandfather as a boy (on the right) in front of the old erskine
  10. You bet, I have ordered them and they should be here in a week or two. I originally from Manor Saskatchewan which is where the car comes from but now live in Two Hills Alberta
  11. Thanks all for the reply’s, the old steering wheel is also cracked and flaking in the middle causing it to grab the levers when it is rotated, I have acquired another steering wheel that is in mint shape so will just replace it. I’m going to pull the whole colum out and do it on the work bench as the tranny and engine are out of the car being rebuilt anyway making it easy. Pretty amazing old car to work on, the old girls lights all still worked after not being turned on for 70 years
  12. hi all, my grandfather and I have acquired back my great grandfathers 29 erskine after years of trying, we are in the process of getting it on the road again. My question is, if anyone on here knows how to remove the headlamp, spark advance and throttle levers so I can pull the steering wheel off and replace it as it is all cracked up.
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