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  1. heres a few pics of the commander, fuel pump scrubbed up and new rubber diaghram, underneath with oil pan off (for new piston rings and valve job)
  2. i had a 27 chev truck engine i worked on that would overheat quickly and the thin steel plate behind the water pump to direct the water into the jackets was rusted away. without the plate, the water would just swirl around the pump impeller and not circulate into the water jackets. i dont know if 23's had the plate, or when the timeline of this cooling improvement came into use. terry
  3. yes, Pete, those are the hold-down plates i need. also need the springs and c-clips that go down into the top of the lifter. thanks - terry
  4. good morning, i have started to clean up/ drain fluids/ begin repairs on the commander. got a tractor fuel pump kit for a few dollars and cleaned up the fuel pump, removed the rear seat bottom to vacuum the grain and mouse crap. found a couple hub cap wrenches and a crank handle, and uncovered some of the paint color stenciling on the seat floor. looks like the original color is 'machuria blue'(?) i think i seen that somewhere on here or in my literature in paint color listings.
  5. Hello everyone, I am in search of the springs, hold-down plates, and c-clips (if i remember correct) for the lifter end of the pushrods that hold lifter and pushrods in contact with the camshaft. thanks - terry
  6. Hello everybody, so i bought myself a new project! ill get some pictures up and progress when i get it home. this is too much fun! Terry
  7. Hello everyone, I have a fellow who is going to take my old rear seal housings, and cast them in aluminum. I am checking to see if there is any interest or need for some spares. How many i can get cast will help on what the pricing will be, but this fellow isnt terrible exorbitant on costs. Message me on here for now. thanks - terry
  8. what diameter are your king pins? that's where I usually start, and see if there is another kingpin kit for a newer (40s, 50s vehicle for example), that I could start with, even if I had to make bronze bushings from scratch. the kingpin kits for a more common vehicle are usually fairly reasonably priced. I need to do kingpin work on my Erskine, so sizes of pins is where im going to have to start. terry
  9. I had a broken speedo cable in my Erskine when I got it on the road a couple years ago. I matched the cable to a model a ford cable, exact measurements, I just had to check the size on the trans end and compare to a customers model a. worked 100%, then the speedo quit after a trip. I took off the end at the speedo and found the same - speedo free spinning and cable was not broken again. I did this twice and the speedo would work for a few hundred feet. by looking at the end when I took it off the speedo, it looked like the cable was falling out of the speedo head. I checked the depth of the hole for the cable end at the trans, and seen that the cable could slip down far enough into the speedo gear at the trans end. I folded over a piece of plastic string trimmer wire and shoved it into the trans end to hold speedo cable up so as not to wind its way down and out of mesh with the speedo head. its worked perfect now all summer. sorry for the long explanation, now I can go back to sleep - terry
  10. thanks very much for everyones replies, I really appreciate it. here's and update - I just found out the car is a 1917. that's the problem with relaying messages through two different guys, I shouldn't have posted until I talked to the guy actually working on it! if there's anybody that wants to update the info now that I know the year for sure, im all ears. - terry
  11. thanks for everyone's replies. I will pass this on, but I will try to talk to the owner, and see the car. if its a regular 3 or 4 speed sliding gear trans., would it likely use the 600w steam cylinder oil that is recommended for a few of the old cars?
  12. thanks keene, that's good to know, I thought it was strange to have a wet clutch. maybe its wet by accident, like the seal is out of the engine or transmission.
  13. hello everyone, I have a customer who has a customer who has a 1913 abbott Detroit. he tells me the car has a wet clutch. is it a conventional style transmission, other than the wet clutch, and what would the gear oil be? I don't seem to be able to dig up much information on the car, abbott Detroit doesn't seem to have made cars for very long. thanks - terry
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