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  1. I am surprised that anyone would consider the dynaflow to be a junk transmission. In 1954 my wife and I purchased a new Buick Century with a dynaflow transmission while stationed with the Air Force in Texas. In 1956 we pulled a 31 foot, 6000 pound trailer trailer from texas to Pennsylvania with the Buick. The Buick performed so well we hardly knew the trailer was on the rear. We sold the car in 1963 with 90,000 on the odometer with no transmission problems. In 1966 I purchased a 1955 Buick Special from my dad with 95,000 miles to use as a work car. I sold it in 1973 with 160,000 on the odometer. The dynaflow had never been worked on. I now have a 1955 Buick Super show car with the variable pitch dynaflow and have had no problems with the transmission. If the dynaflow is a junk transmission you can't prove it by my experience. Fred
  2. 1955 Buick Super 4-Door Sedan (Model 52). Equipped with the 322 cubic inch, 236 HP Nailhead engine, power steering, power brakes, Dynaflow transmission, and a working Sonomatic radio. The odometer reads 64,000 miles that I believe is original since the car was stored a number of years. In recent years the car has been repainted the original light green with a white top and dark green bottom below the trim piece. The chrome is also new , and the interior was redone at an earlier date. The car has wide white wall tires and with the paint and chrome, shows extremely well. In addition to showing well it is also a dependable driver. Due to my age the car must be sold. The asking price is $15,500.00 OBO. The car is located near Pottstown, Pennsylvania. interested persons are encouraged to personally examine the car and go for a drive. I don't know how to add pictures to this posting but pictures can be emailed by contacting my son Mark at serfass_2000@hotmail.com. Additional information can be obtained by calling me at 484-524-8135.
  3. The case of the missing serial plate on my 1955 Buick Super is solved. I was looking at the wrong location on the drivers door frame. The VIN plate , although painted over, is exactly where it should be. In spite of 60 plus years of involvement with antique motor vehicles, at 86 years of age I seem to know less and less.
  4. The serial number plate on my 1955 Buick Super is missing. It was removed for painting and was misplaced by the paint shop. Does anyone know where I can acquire a blank reproduction plate? Thank You 55Bfred1752
  5. Your reply relative to the location of the oil fillers on the early and later 1955 engines answers my question. Many Thanks.
  6. 😂Having recently purchased a 1955 Buick Model 52 Super, I am confused by the location of the engine oil filter caps. I have seen 322 ci engines with the oil filler caps on top of each side valve cover, and other 322 ci engines with a single oil filler cap on the passenger side of the valve gallery cover. It appears the valve covers and the valve gallery covers are inter changeable. Thank you in advance for your response to my post.
  7. 😂1952 Allstate/Cushman Deluxe Model 811.40 Motor Scooter . Less than 50 miles on a complete and total restoration. Won first place in class at Cushman national Meet. Has Pennsylvania Certificate of Title. Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania area. $4,800.00. Call 484-524-8135 for additional information.
  8. I have a NOS heater valve for my 1955 Buick Super. Any pointers I can get for removing the old valve and installing the new valve will be appreciated. I could not find any instructions in the shop manual for this job. It doesn't appear to be a difficult removal and installation but it is always helpful to get some first hand experience. 55Bfred1752
  9. I recently joined the BCA and am not familiar with the workings of the forum. How do I go about searching "ranco valve" ? 55Bfred1752
  10. The heater control valve on my 1955 buick Super is inoperative and needs to be replaced. If any BCA member has replaced this valve and can give me any pointers before I attempt the replacement, it will be most appreciated. 55Bfred1752
  11. All the responses I received regarding the use of premium fuel in my 1955 Buick Super are appreciated. The consensus supports the use of ethanol free fuel for the older cars. If it is available with an octane rating of 90 that may also be sufficient to answer the use of the premium fuel question. Many Thanks. !!! 55Bfred1752
  12. The owners manual for my recently acquired 1955 Buick with the 322 cu. in. engine recommends the use of premium fuel. How do the octane ratings of fuel sold today compare to the octane ratings in 1955? What octane fuel should I use in my Buick?
  13. My 1955 Buick Super 4-Door Sedan has the black horn button. 55Bfred1752
  14. Many thanks for the response to my L78-15 tire pressure post. Apparently 32 psi is the recommended tire pressure for L78-15 tires. however, I plan to experiment with 30 psi, and perhaps 28 psi to see if the ride and handling is any better. 55Bfred1752