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  1. Sorry to bother you all guys and gals I am 25 and from the UK I am trying to restore my 73 Riviera the rear window lower part has rotted out see picture attatched please please please I am begging I am looking for a used part to replace this. From a parts car if anyone has one if not could someone help me get the part from desert valley auto parts as they haven't dealt with me ?
  2. I am wanting the rear window piece and the complete grill for my car as the shippers stoves myne in with a fork truck and also a pic attached for the bottom of the rear window as myne has rotted please please message me back or text me or something my number is 07532330966 I live in the UK or my Facebook is Greg cressey a picture of me with my parents either side recieving a certificate please please message me I am desperate and I mean so so desperate I can't continue until I have that rear window piece