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  1. Anyone have or know of a working original stereo for a 73?
  2. I have only taken one side of so far. I was just asking before I take the other off.
  3. I removed the rear lower control arms from a 73 parts car I have. Is it safe to roll or transport the car without them?
  4. I recently acquired a 73 Riviera GS, Stage 1. The car is a parts car and It’s a complete car minus the engine and trans. Just looking for the best place to advertise parts if people are interested. I know parts for these years are sometimes hard to come by. But looking to make some good deals for people. I have a lot of trim. Mirrors and posi rear axle. Full frame and suspension.
  5. 1FastC7

    73 GS Sway Bar

    Bob, thanks for the reply. I looked at my Service manual and realized he same thing. After looking at my control arms, the non GS ones don’t have the 4 holes to mount the U-shape bracket. Looks like it will require the control arms from the GS as well.
  6. I have a 73 Stage 1 and found a guy selling a rear sway bar off of a GS parts car. My question is can I remove and mount the bar to my rear end? research is difficult. But it looks like the rear bar mounts to the lower control arms off the rear end. I have looked at my control arms and they don’t have the mount on them. Where the GS control arms different?
  7. Anyone replace the rear shock on a 71-73? My question is about getting to the upper two bolts that attach the shock to the frame. Any input?
  8. Just be careful with any octane boster product. I had a 69 Z28 with 11.0:1's. The octane boster used to jack up the spark plugs after awhile. You can always get leaded 100 octane plus cheap if you have a private airport near. Used to pay $5 bucks a gallon a few years back.
  9. Anyone know of 1973 Riviera Stage 1 grill emblem laying around. Mine was stollen off the car. Looking to replace. I believe the correct number for 73 was #1243270.
  10. Thanks again guys. What items were included as part of the GS package in 73? Heavy springs, shock upgrade and front and rear roll bars?
  11. I confirmed the "XA" is on the block. Thanks for the assistance. I will be checking the Vin stamps this weekend. Only thing I'm in need of is the stage 1 badge that was located on the grill. I've been looking high and low for the past few weeks. Was the badge specific to the year or can you cross reference them. Do they reproduce these?
  12. Thanks for the detailed info. The car has GS emblems. However, the original window stickers only show it as having the stage 1 option. It was ordered with a heavy duty suspension package. Nice Vette. I have a black 2014 Z51.
  13. I know there have been some chatter about Stage 1 identification. Does anyone have any complete identification code references for the 73. Listing of number stampings and locations. I have a stage 1 car which shows true with the "W" vin as well as the original window sticker and options list. However, I am having trouble locating the "XA" stamp on the block. Can this be seen without removing exhaust manifolds on the drivers side of the engine. Where about is the vin stamped on the block and transmission? The resources are scarce out there.