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  1. Not the case here Morgan. Haha think I made the right call by leaving it alone. I know the seal is almost 80 years old so figured be a wise idea to replace while pan was off. But I'm just going to run it till it needs something.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the help ! Very great tips ...I got the old buick running finally ! After cranking for few seconds it fired right up! Motor sits and idles like a new one. Really surprised me how well it runs after sitting for years. Not sure how long it takes for oil to turn into thick mud looking stuff. But my guess would be a long time. I ended up leaving rear main seal alone. Looked under car no signs of any leaks yet. The only thing I did to motor was take pan off and clean everything good. Put pan back on with new gasket and oil. Didn't even mess with old wires are plugs. Very ple
  3. Here is one more be worth checking out.. Its a 1937 on ebay for 22,500 obo ! Located in new Jersey...
  4. Sorry didn't see that Neil.. Guess could have saved everyone the trouble on answering my questions. Still trying to get the hang of this site. Only way I have to get on here is on a cell phone. So makes it a little rougher to see everything on such a small screen. I do appreciate everyones help and patients though. You guys are awesome !
  5. No problem Philipj... Hope you find the car your looking for. There is some good deals out there. Nice thing is could always have one delivered to you if you didn't want to make a big trip.
  6. Seen this car on Craigslist before. Just couldn't remember where I seen it last. Lol I look on Craigslist to much! Think this one is a good find and a great deal at that ! Dont look like it would take to much to make it nice again.
  7. Thanks a lot for the leads Neil ! I believe you are right about the 41 gauges being the same. Now I can get this project moving a little further... Do appreciate it !
  8. Pulled it off. Looks pretty dirty ! Good tip on using plastigage.. It did cross my mind to do so.. The rod side clearence's did seem ok. And like I said i did pull up and down on rods. They all feel good. But I know that dont mean the bearings are ok. Hoping the clearence's are good and it holds good oil pressure. Probably will just leave the bottom end alone if I can help it. Might rebuild oil pump and just bite the bullet and fight with rear main seal. If I get it in ok. But for some reason when I start this thing up and motor isn't right. It will be coming out and getting rebuilt. Really ho
  9. Looking for ivory horn button. Also gauge cluster faces for my 1940 buick special. If anyone knows of anyone that sells this stuff ? Cant seem to find a good a place
  10. Here is a nice looking one. Ad says its a good running driver. Needs paint and interior. Found it on Used classic cars Haggle Me in Hobart Indiana..
  11. Right. I can see where you guys are coming from. And I get your point about it being a hard job. I was just thinking it would be a good idea to replace it. I know sitting for long periods of time like this isn't good on seals or motor. And everything on this motor appears to be untouched and original. Not sure if it leaks are not. But the oil pan and dust cover around that area is very greasy. But that could be from anything. I do plan on replacing any gaskets I can get my hands on. That way I know motor will be good to go. As long as the rings and valves are good think I will be fine.. I did
  12. Looking to buy some decent running boards for a 1940 buick special 2 door buisness coupe...
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