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  1. Hi , I am in need of a Drivers side door for my 1936 Buick, Model 48 Victoria Coupe,Body style 36-4411 Model 48 Victoria Coupe, body style 36-4411. The left door shell is a part no 4067301 which does not cross exactly to another car except maybe the same year Century Model 68.Old parts books and Fisher Body manuals from the time show the nearest relatives to be many of the 1936 Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Oldsmobiles with 2-door coach bodies. Some of the door components are exact matches. For example the door glass and ventilator glass have the same part number on the Chevy, Pontiac, and junior Buicks. Whether one of those doors could be made to fit would have to determined by comparing to my right door or relying on somebody who has done it already. Just going by Internet pictures, they all look close. Does anyone out there have a door that may fit. Please call me if you do, Thanks, 774-230-8216 John..
  2. I also Have a 1936 Buick Model 48 Victoria Coupe Series 40 - Body style 36-4411 - you haven't run across any doors in your search have you? I need a drivers side door. If you know of one please give me a call. John 774-230-8216 Thanks PS. already talked to Dave.. no luck