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  1. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick special 05 paint code I.D

    I'll have to verify which doors I need (notes are in the file at the office) but here is a photo of the assembly we need for 3 doors. Handles snapped off they were so rusted to the mechanism, so we had to drill them out to get the handle and trim off the doors. Nightmare!
  2. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick Model 41

    I'm the "lady in Wisconsin". There is nothing under the rear glass. This photo was taken during disassembly. There are drain tubes that are routed through the quarter, in front of the wheel well and down through the frame...but no defrost of any kind. as an aside, I have an album of over 1200 photos of disassembly and engine building if anyone needs photos of this make and model. Adding more photos weekly as we work on the body panels
  3. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick special 05 paint code I.D

    Last fall we completed the 248 Engine Re-build (link will take you to the blog post with photos) We are slowly making our way through the frame off restoration process and the customer (who owns the car) has the goal of taking it BACK TO OKLAHOMA, where he and his family are from, for Buick Nationals in 2019. Hopefully we stay on budget and we can complete everything on time for him! The engine turned out great and body work is in progress. I'm sure there will be parts we need once we get closer to assembly. So any leads on good resources are appreciated.
  4. I haven't seen anyone with doors for sale at all. We had to re-build the door frame on the hinge side and the bottoms in order to salvage the ones on this car. Do you have a door at all? or is it completely missing?
  5. Attached are 2 photos of the door latch mechanisms that we have. They screw that holds the handle in place within the latch mechanism was so corroded, it was basically part of the door handle so 2 of our door handles broke off at the end when removed and 3 out of 4 of the latches are shot because we had to drill out the screw. I'm looking for this style mechanism. If you have this style please let us know! I'd like to buy all 4 new (well, not new, rather used and functional). I think I can get the handles pretty easily, but the latches are what i'm struggling to locate, probably because it's a common issue to have them stuck in place. Thanks everyone for the help so far! We already have the body and doors in epoxy and primer and we're in the process of block sanding the body panels, rebuilding the radiator and heater core, have about 1/2 of the trim and chrome plated and polished, and the transmission is being re-built this month. We are finished with the engine already and have the paint selected and ready to go and I'll be in touch with the radio guy this week. Fingers crossed for finding the latches!
  6. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick special 05 paint code I.D

    I'm not sure which photo you were looking at. This is the car that we are working on(attached photo). It's definitely a '49 Buick Series 40 with a 248 (it was painted black at some point but was originally Elan blue ). I believe that there are parts from years prior to it that will fit, but most parts 50 and later will not. It does not have port holes or a visor. It has levers that double as trim on either side to open the hood. We've found tons of date codes and markings on this car from factory assembly. Very cool to tear this one down and we can't wait to get the color on it! Lots of body repairs are in order though, especially on the fenders. ~Molly
  7. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick special 05 paint code I.D

    Does it show up on the serial number lists? Sometimes you can find out years certain car's were sold if someone has compiled a model year list using serial numbers. We had the same issue with the 49. It is titled as a 49 but some of the parts were coded for 48 and it was purchased in 48 per the original title. I guess they had extra parts from 48 to use on the '49 buicks!
  8. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick special 05 paint code I.D

    We are finding this out as we are trying to source parts for this car. We knew it was rare, but we are hoping it shares some parts like trim and door latches with other makes/years...I just made a new topic regarding this and a blog post Any ideas on door latches that might fit?
  9. Good evening everyone! I'm a first time poster, long time lurker. Thanks for all the help in the years past! My name is Molly, I own a restoration shop in WI where we are currently working on 2 complete frame off Buick restorations and are in need of hard to find parts for both. I work on the cars, hunt for parts, do research on our projects and manage the shop, and it has become apparent that we have attracted a couple of the rarer Buick's when it comes to finding parts to replace the mostly missing/broken pieces of these beauties. The first one is has been in progress a LONG time. The 1936 Buick Special, series 40 is nearly done with paint and body work, but we are going to be starting on assembly of the interior in the coming months. Does anyone have detailed photos of the original seat assembly? The car was brought to our shop in pieces with *some* of the parts and very little hardware. Long story short, we aren't sure what we are missing when it comes to seat frame assembly, door parts and under dash brackets/parts. Any detailed interior photos of the car and possibly leads on parts are appreciated! The big 1949 Buick frame off was just recently started. The original Straight 8, 248 is already done and re-built. While this one started out complete there were some major issues with the door latches and some of the trim. This is a 4 door Special, 40 series. Here is our blog post with a few photos of the car for reference We need at least 2 door latch mechanisms and at least 2 door handles. I'll have to verify which ones but since it's a long shot to find them anyways I just thought I'd ask for some leads! Here are the top priority questions for now: Are there other years/models that may have used the same door latch mechanism? We will also be having the original radio re-built. Any suggestions on a reliable radio re-build service for the HUGE dash mounted radio with speaker? The sill plates and rubber sill covers were beyond repair. Leads on someone that makes them? Fender skirts: photos of how they mount would be great! Someone removed them and did extensive repairs with body filler on the rear fenders. Now we're fixing them correctly and going to try to make the skirts fit again, but some reference of how they are supposed to mount will be helpful since the body manuals and fischer body repair books are mostly useless I know...this is turning into 20 questions, but mostly I'd love a "short list" of top specialty suppliers that might be able to come up with some of the hardest to find parts and any info on parts from other makes/years/models that might fit the '49 would be a BIG help! Here's the Buick before we brought it to our shop in Randolph WI. This was an Oklahoma car (read our blog in the link above for more of the story) Please help! We want to get these Buick's back where they belong, cruising the back roads one a warm summer evening. Thanks everyone! ~Molly Driven Restorations LLC Find us on Facebook!
  10. DrivenRestorations

    1949 Buick special 05 paint code I.D

    need to know what color 05 is for a 49 buick special 41 sedan is. Anyone?
  11. DrivenRestorations

    49 Buick Special 41 sedan

    Hey fellas! Trying to figure out what color paint code 05 was in 49. Seems to be a mystery so far...any help would be much appreciated!
  12. Driven Restorations LLC is located in Randolph WI. We have been at our current location for 4 years and complete a limited number of frame off restorations per year. We also work with customers needing body work(classic only), interior, custom paint, minor repairs, engine performance, general mechanical maintenance, sandblasting/paint stripping and other small work performed to customer order. Restorations are completed according to our customer specifications. We can meet original specification or make modifications, but they always have award winning paint finishes. Documentation and photographs of all parts and processes preserve your investment in your classic vehicle. Find out more at or email