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  1. Yesterday I took some time to trouble shoot my rear bulb sockets and tidy up wiring. Then I took a hubcap-holding tab off The spare rim and got it on the front tire with a new rivet. Popped the rubber on my fender skirts and popped them on, didn’t think I’d like them... but dang they look good. Drove around and got to a cruise-in down the street. Good day, but it feels like I’m losing power somewhere. I checked the plugs the other day and they weren’t badly fouled, color was OK. The intake valves had carbon build up but exhaust looks brand new (I’m pretty sure not vice versa). My top spee
  2. Of course a tab broke that holds on one of the hubcaps. But I’ll take it to a friends garage to get it tacked back on. Overall, pretty good. But, it gets hot these days with the weather back above 80. It wouldn’t get above 180 (by gauge) with the weather below 65°. Now I can drive and drive, but any kind of sitting for a while will put me up to 210, which doesn’t come down below 190. Maybe a proper thermostat will help the coolant flow through the radiator slower? Will that really help? I think the one in there now is kind of loose. I need to get an infrared thermometer and see what it really
  3. I put the trunk handle back on. The handle and shaft are supposed to be held together by a stay screw that allows them to rotate as a unit when the handle is unlocked. All that pot metal is broken so I attempted a jb weld fix, which nearly held but broke due to my manhandling trying to work the stubborn and dirty lock. But anyway. License plate on. Lights acting whacky (issue with the turn signal unit again, sliding contact plate, I think), front driver coil spring collapsed (again. Maybe not installed in the groove? It’ll have to come out and be reinstalled to verify, it expanded when I jacke
  4. Always prompt with the knowledge, thanks Charles! I got to come home from school to a license plate waiting on me, which was incredibly hard to get... and expensive. I sent the appropriate fees and notarized forms to the OMV on Friday and am just awaiting their approval so it can be used in my car as the real plate.
  5. Does anyone, perhaps @pontiac1953 Charles (I wish we could tag people in these posts), know if the grills for 48 pontiacs are all universal? I found one for a decent price and good condition in Texas I want to drive to get.
  6. Ben- no remflex for the 8, only for the 6. Even then, the lateral expansion with uneven surfaces is what I think is driving it. Thick or more malleable gaskets is a bandaid, I’d rather fix it right... that being said I’ll keep remflex in mind on my projects they sell products for 😂 After months of scratching my head, I finally figured out that my turn signal was wired incorrectly. I had two wires backwards, but I have not been able to find a diagram that shows the internal order for the guide 6002 turn signal, which came original as an option with these cars. I’m lucky that I fou
  7. Eventually I’ll have my manifolds surfaced by the shop that did my engine, with new exhaust system when the money’s there... I did take it out in the rare and historic snowfall we’ve had here in Louisiana. Just across the street for photos, but ran very well and looks good. Oh, what it would be to have five grand to just finish it 😂
  8. I did get it done yesterday, but not till it was dark. I finally have my title, registration, and I went ahead and bought insurance today, so I was able to do a legal(ish) drive. I’ve applied for antique plates. The white walls really change the overall car. I guess now I really do have to get it painted...
  9. Not sure how I’ll get the stud out but seems like something has happened with my new gaskets and may have an intake leak again. Starting to think they never actually machined my manifolds when I took them way back when. Definitely developed a new exhaust flange leak. Those gaskets never hold up, probably a warped header. It still drives loads better than it did. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully have all the new tires on. Here’s a teaser for now.
  10. Sunday I spent the day wire wheeling grease again to put on the other spring, such fun. It went well (better than the other side) with the fender off and with daylight. I got to paint it all too and do some odds and ends like touch up manifold paint. Moving right along. Quick question: should I have put something on the manifold stud I installed to prevent water coming around it from the cooling jacket? I think it stopped and it may be too late, but figured I should know if there’s a next time.
  11. I am not certain of the technical answer, I’m sure Charles can help. But I use a B45 Gates belt and it works perfectly. Available at any bumper to bumper. EDIT: it the 45 is too long they have B44, B43, etc. It fits well in these grooves. Grooves should be the same, length slightly different between your engine and mine.
  12. Alrighty. After returning home from my ‘15 T project, and working a few hours here, I was able to pull my fender and painstakingly drill out that stud till it fell apart. Was able to find a perfect replacement at my bumper to bumper and now I’d feel safe driving it again after I do some odds and ends that having the bumper off allows me to do. Next week I’ll bring all the required paperwork to get plates and title (there’s no chain of ownership for this car so I have to create a title with the Louisiana OMV). The guy who did the vehicle identification for the paperwork said he could do my trun
  13. Bloo, I think this was a case of over torquing one of them and it just being old. Also within one day it was warm (60°F), I drove it a lot, and then it started snowing 10 hours later. I think I’ll be able to drill it out easily. I have all the original washers on there.
  14. Well. Looks like I need to do the gaskets again. Dang. Getting this out should be lots of fun. Aren’t studs supposed to be grade 8? It was broken before I even touched it... just sitting in its hole
  15. Charles, pretty much all 8 were. Pump is brand new built for modern gas. It was a mixture problem, big leak leading to over correction with over-rich mix. The back half of my manifolds were not sealing all that well. Something went wrong with my first gasket install. Now we have no stumble but I think replacing with new plugs again now that we aren’t dealing with a funky mixture could improve even more. I’ve thought about buying the foam you run straight in the intake to clean the intake valves. Anyone have experience with this?
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