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  1. Hi. I am coming to Hershey. I'll look you up. I'll bring my tape measure. I took the wheel I got on e-bay to a machine shop and it looks like they'll be able to make it fit my hub, but, a good spare will always be nice. Our spots are CK 17-18. My buddy has a really shiny Airstream that we'll have there, so, we'll be easy to see. I'll look you up.
  2. RevWags here again. I checked out the crack in my 17" wheel, and it's about 8-9 inches long and it does look like corrosion is involved. I'll check out my other wheels and see what they look like. Craig
  3. RevWags here again - I live in Des Moines, Iowa. Craig
  4. Hi - RevWags here again. I bought a wheel off e-bay, it's a 17 inch, steel wire spoke wheel, but, the hub opening is a little over an eight of an inch too small for the wheel to fit on the hub. The hub opening needs to be 2 inches and 7/8's across. Doe anyone have a 17 inch steel wire spoke wheel with that sized opening that they'd be willing to sell? Let me know. Craig
  5. I'm not using radials and I don't see any corrosion. The split is 3-4 inches long. I'll look on e-bay for a wheel. Thanks! Craig
  6. I need a 17" Steel wire wheel for my '33 PD Rumble Seat Coupe. Please let me know if you have one. I'd like to find one soon, as my wheel just split tonight and I need a good spare.
  7. Hi. I believe I have the correct brackets, and, if they are the correct ones for you, I'm probably willing to sell them since I have a different mounting system for my horns. You probably need a picture of the brackets, don't you? I'll have to figure out how to take a picture and download it here.
  8. Thanks for the reference - good pics - not quite a clear enough shot of the back of the speedo for what I need, but thanks!
  9. Hi - Could you post a picture of the back of your gauge assembly so i could have a "clear shot" of the speedometer hookup. I'm trying to figure out why mine doesn't work. The odometer works, but the speedometer doesn't and I figure that I'm somehow not getting the speedometer cable connected correctly. Thanks.
  10. The part number number for the 33 PD ammeter assembly is 610395. Good luck!
  11. Hi - I'd be interested in re-pop horn brackets, too. I have one original, and I need the other one. Not sure which side I have. Guess I'll have to figure that out.
  12. Hi - I have a mirror clock in my 1933 PD - original mirror clock - and the clock is part of the mirror and it is not the type to clamp over the existing mirror. Not sure what the case was in 1938.
  13. I have a 1933 Plymouth PD Rumble Seat Coupe. I made the mistake of disconnecting the speedometer several years ago and at that time both the speedometer and odometer were working. When i reconnected it, the odometer works, but the speedometer doesn't work? There seems to be two levels of "connection" between the speedometer cable and the speedometer, but I don't know how to make the connection. Anyone out there have experience with this, or, insight into it?